Friday, 25 November 2016

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Karryl discovers the secret to hydrated skin!

Take good care of your skin and hydrate. If you have good skin, everything else will fall into place ~ Liya Kebede

We all know that good hydration is key to clear, glowing skin. But finding the right moisturiser for your skin can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you are dealing with a skin identity crisis. I’ve always thought that I have oily skin, based on the fact that my face could soak up an entire blotting sheet by mid-day. 

Until a year ago, however, a skin analysis revealed something else – as if being an oil field isn’t bad enough, my skin is also severely dehydrated. 

While this may sound contradictory, dehydrated oily skin (yes, there’s actually a term for it!) is actually fairly common, according to the consultant.

That said, finding the right juice for my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde skin remains a work in progress, as many of the products I’ve tried are either too drying, not hydrating enough, or way too rich. But this seems set to change after I got my hands on a bottle of EHA’s Hydra Serum. To be honest, I was initially skeptical of what the serum could do. While I love its water-like texture and quick absorbency, I wasn’t so certain if it delivered enough hydration to my skin. 

Nonetheless I decided to give it some time to see if the product could live up to its claims. 

Apart from using it twice a day as instructed, I also indulged in a weekly DIY beauty routine using compressed sheet masks soaked in the serum for a more intense hydration boost.

A month later, and here’s my verdict – I absolutely love, love, love EHA’s Hydra Serum! I might not have the perfect skin (at least not yet), but the difference is remarkable. 

Not only does my skin look clearer and plumped up, it stays matte longer and feels incredibly healthy. Priced at $120 for a 30ml bottle, EHA Hydra Serum may be a little pricey, but I say it’s totally worth the investment!

EHA brand products are made in Japan and are available exclusively at EHA Skincare which is located #03-28 Shaw Centre in Orchard. The staff are very helpful and will guide you in finding the right product for your skin type and condition. 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

LADY@LXG: OH MY GAAWD! Win ONE YEAR'S supply of HASK Hair Products!!!

Want to take part and win yourself a goodie bag with ONE WHOLE AMAZING YEAR'S supply of HASK hair products?

The first 3 readers to follow us and answer this question correctly will win the prize. Its as simple as that.

Who is HASK’s brand ambassador?  

If you are not sure, check my review here

Good luck everyone and I can guarantee that three lucky folk are going to have a a whole year of good hair days! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

FILM@LXG: Suicide Squad or So-So Squad?

Suicide Squad... what a load of old cobblers! 

Story and editing a total mess. To call it a mind-numbing mash-up of music videos and tired clichés would be an understatement.

The rumours were true... David Ayers' original cut was supposed to be much darker and more linear. After the huge response to the first trailer, WB got cold feet, ditched the original version and got the company who cut the trailer, Trailer Park, to recut the entire story... As a result it looks like a long series of trailers or pop videos... What do you expect from a company who've only ever cut trailers, as their name suggests?
One or two gags. But most of what you see in the trailers isn't even in the movie!!! Such a wasted opportunity. But the kill-score is what will nevertheless make this movie a hit....

This was a serious injustice to it's comic book origins. Without giving anything away, there are cameos. 

But edited in such a rushed way that you feel neither the impact or excitement. 
And quite honestly if you look / listen carefully some of their scenes look as if they've cut in between what would have been much longer (and I feel much needed) monologues.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

FILM@LXG: We are loving Stranger Things on Netflix

Stranger Things‬ is one of the unexpected hits of the year so far... 

A horror/mystery that pays homage to the style of Spielberg and immerses itself in everything that was cool about the '80's, including the retro opening titles and accompanying music.
Also the best ensemble of child actors in a long while. This was a real pleasure for us at LXG to binge-watch... and we are really looking forward to Season 2.
If you haven't watched this yet, you should. Its a gripping series thats making waves online. Better yet, you can like us, binge watch the entire series, commercial free, on Netflix. 

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Sherri recommends that you fly to Taipei and stay in a 4-star hotel for 3D2N with just $650!

Budget traveller alert: Did you know that you can fly to Taipei and stay in a 4-star hotel for just $650?

Where would you go for a 3D2N getaway if you have only a meager budget of $650 for BOTH the air ticket and lodgings? The neighbouring Malaysia, Thailand or maybe Indonesia? Now you can add Taipei to your budget travel destination list.

Taipei City is partnering with China Airlines, new attractions and local vendors to launch a 3D2N two-to-go Fun Taipei ‘Free and Easy’ package.  For just S$650 (all In, inclusive of taxes) per person, travellers will travel by China Airlines AND stay in a four-star boutique hotel in popular downtown hotspot at Ximending! Cool deal right?

Taipei city even came up with 4 carefully curated must-do lists targeted at Singaporeans to help you make the most of your 3D2N trip, so no planning needed! Just follow the recommended itinerary and you can’t go wrong.  

The 4 mission routes include shopping, food, relaxation and cultural/creativity trails to cater to Singaporeans who are looking to shop/eat till they drop, just chill or are culture history buffs. There are 12 pit stops on each of the 4 lists.  No harm mixing things up a little to get the most of the short getaway too. Singaporeans with OCDs can choose to extend their holidays and finish all 4 routes to leave no stone unturned! The 4 mission routes targeted at Singaporeans for you to choose from.

Travelers get to take home a lucky pack complete with the four mission routes and a scratch card to win prizes with every purchase of this Fun Taipei Free and Easy package.

Win a free trip to Taipei daily at Travel Revolution

Fun Taipei will be promoting the all-new 3D2N Free and Easy package at Travel Revolution held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall Basement 2 Hall F this weekend. The travel fair is open to the public. Those who visit the Fun Taipei booth at the Travel Revolution fair can participate in a virtual climb of the Taipei 101 using the smart phone and stand a chance to win China Airlines return air tickets to Taipei daily.

Fear not if you are too busy to make the trip to the fair, this 3D2N package will on sale at various travel agencies till end of 2016!!!

For more information on FUN TAIPEI, please visit

Namewee the “language teacher”

Fun Taipei ambassador, Malaysian singer songwriter Namewee (黄明志) attended the press conference for the launch of his latest promotional video for FUN TAIPEI and the 3D2N free and easy package. Through the video, he gave a very comprehensive guide to Taiwan terminologies through the latest promotional clip for Fun Taipei.

He said he helped conceptualised the video and drew inspiration from the different ways Taiwanese and Singaporeans/Malaysians express themselves.

Namewee’s guide to speaking like a local in Taipei

Meaning/英语: Drinks (generic term)
Singapore expressions 新马用语: shui 水
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: yin liao 饮料

Meaning 英文: straw (for drinking)
Singapore expressions 新马用语: xi shui cao (吸水草/水草)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: xi guan (吸管)

Meaning/英语: wow/fantastic
Singapore expressions新马用语: steady/ gou li (够力)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: chao hai (超嗨)

Meaning/英语: To sing karaoke
Singapore expressions新马用语: chang K (唱K)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: K ge (K歌)/ye chang (夜唱)

Meaning/英语: Draw money from ATM
Singapore expressions新马用语: an qian (按钱)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: ti kuan (提款)

To learn more about our contributor Sherri, visit her personal blog here.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

LADY@LXG: Nothing beats a good hair day, except maybe winning a billion dollars.

There is truly nothing more satisfying, not to mention confidence-boosting, than great looking and great smelling hair, which is why I was literally over the moon when HASK finally made it to Singapore! 

If you haven't already heard of HASK, and are not skimming through my post to see where the heck you can get your HASK fix from (Guardian stores - you are welcome), you need to seriously get yourself out from under that rock because you have missed out on the hottest haircare product in Hollywood! 
This range smells minty and gives body and volume to thin or limp hair

HASK is literally the hottest haircare product in the market. Not only are they not tested on animals (very important to me) and are free of SLS (its the chemical that is used in industrial floor cleaners and just about anything that foams and froths), the entire range smells so heavenly, you just want to drink the damn thing, let alone wash your hair with it. Normally, my scalp can be quite a bit of a diva, getting all itchy and dandruffy if I use shampoos that cost less than $45 a bottle, so I was so happy when it didn't throw a hissy fit when I used my first HASK product (Monoi Coconut - divine smelling and so hydrating). 

I especially love how every single product under its range, be it coconut, almond, charcoal, etc., leaves my hair smelling so wonderful that I can't help but flick it around in the train, just to give everyone a sniff. 

Lady@LXG Kristen Chen with HASK brand Ambassador Sukki Singapora
And who better to be the HASK brand ambassador here in Singapore but the country's only burlesque performer, the very beautiful Sukki Singapora.

And how does she maintain her hair, which at the launch was in a number of vibrant shades? Well Sukki swears by the HASK Kalahari range.

HASK Shampoos and Conditioners are affordably priced at $16.90 and their hair mask sachets (a godsend for dry, dehydrated hair) and glossing oil vials (think super-awesome smelling, gorgeously shiny but absolutely no greasy hair) are priced at only SGD $4.90, so what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself some HASK today! 

HASK is exclusively available at all Guardian stores and is my new favourite haircare brand ever! 

Sunday, 26 June 2016

LADY@LXG: The Lady discovers the most amazing face powder ever created!

"Always, always powder your T-zone and the lines going from your nose down around your mouth, so you don't look like a bulldog. When those areas are shiny, its awful" 
-- Gisele Bundchen 

There is truly nothing more satisfying that to find something that is so perfect that it puts everything else - of the same category- to shame. Well this euphoria is what I felt when I discovered Ingirl Stinn's High Definition loose mineral powder at EHA Skincare

Now its important to note that I am not the foundation or two-way cake sort of person. Although to be perfectly honest, I did spend much of my hard earned money in my youth, trying in vain to discover the perfect foundation for my uneven-textured skin (those of you with blemished or scarred skin, will be able to relate, after all, not even the best foundation will glide smoothly on a pocked surface - sadly the necessary beauty science doesn't yet exist), so imagine my gleeful joy when I came across Ingirl Stinn
While not many here in Singapore are familiar with this Taiwanese, professional mineral makeup cult brand, it is terribly popular in its country of origin and for good reason too mind you. The staff at EHA Skincare insisted that it would make my skin look amazing. 

So, trusting them and swearing to come back to wreak vengeance should they have been lying to me, I bought a tub of the High Definition translucent loose powder to try out and OH-MY-GAWD I am sold!

The powder is super, super fine and makes my less than even skin look pore-less and smooth. Even better, it keeps my skin looking matte the whole day through!! 

They also have a pressed powder version, which comes in a beautiful rose-shaped compact, that my colleague Shannon tried recently and loved, but unlike Shannon who has perfect skin, the pressed version looks like I have product on my face - whereas the loose powder version just makes my skin look flawless!! 

If you have less than perfect skin, please do try this product out 'cos its truly amazing and you will thank me. 

The loose powder retails at $55 and is available in Singapore exclusively at EHA Skincare at Shaw Centre level 3 in Orchard!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

LADY@LXG: Falling in love with Her Majesty The Oud

"Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume".      

- Jean De Boufflers  

Her Majesty The Oud

HER MAJESTY THE OUD and HIS MAJESTY THE OUD are the two new eaux de perfumes in The Oud Collection that capture an idyllic period in history when two great civilisations - England and the Orient - were perfectly entwined. 

The scent captures the fantasy and romance of the desert with its sheikhs and kings, through the combination of rare and exotic ingredients which come together to create a scent that is truly one of its kind.

HER MAJESTY THE OUD with its delicate scent of Osmanthus flower combined with a heady combination of red fruit jam, Turkish Rose, Saffron and Iris, Oud of Assam Accord, leather and Vanilla Absolute - is truly a majestic fragrance of sublimely sovereign beauty.

His Majesty The Oud 
This elegant fragrance which laces together the Orient and Occident was inspired by Gertrude Bell, English adventuress, archaeologist, and diplomat of the Levant.  

HIS MAJESTY THE OUD is an intensely masculine and refined fragrance that celebrates the brand’s royal connections to Britain and Egypt. 

Lapsang Souchong Accord, cloves, leather, cedar and sandalwood, Oud Laos essence – Styrax Vulcain and Vanilla, gives the scent its bold and smoky intensity. 

Inspired by the legendary King Faisa I, confidante of Gertrude Bell and trusted ally of Lawrence of Arabia, his charisma and elegance have been perfectly captured in this beautiful fragrance.

The LADY@LXG loving the new scent by Atkinsons 

The perfumes, packaged in gold flacons with elegant black tags ensconced in their plush packaging, are indeed scents made for royalty. 

This luxurious fragrance is available in Singapore exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren and is priced at $305 for a 100ml natural EDP spray. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Shannon discovers EHA Skincare!

I have heard a lot about EHA Skincare from my friends but since I have been out of town for a while, I never actually got to visit the store, until recently.
Located on Level 3 at Shaw Centre in Orchard, EHA Skincare is a small store packed with fantastic skincare goodies.

With its range of skin care products from Japan, USA, France and Canada that are made specifically for Singapore's blistering heat and humid temperatures.

Their range of makeup that are actually good for your skin, the store is truly a great discovery for a beauty junkie like myself.

For my first visit to the store, I picked up a Luscious Lip lipgloss, which is not just a gloss (which I am not too partial to, it being so sticky and all that) but a medicated product, full of skin healthy ingredients.
This gloss provides more than a wash of sheer colour, instead, it also promises to heal, add volume and fix common lip woes, like flaky, dry and pigmented lips.

Because I was out of my usually pressed powder, I decided to pick up a compact by INGIRL STINN, a Taiwanese purely mineral brand of professional make up products that are available here in Singapore, exclusively at EHA Skincare.

The powder comes in a really pretty rose shaped compact and although very understated, it is truly amazing as it kept my skin matte and flawless looking for the entire day. I absolutely love this product!!

So if you are looking for makeup or skin care products that actually care for your skin, pop on down to EHA Skincare on level 3 at Shaw Centre!

EHA Skincare is part of the EHA Medical Centre umbrella, which I guess would explain the high quality and skin caring products that they offer!

SHE SAYS@LXG: Botanics Creation my new indulgence!

There is truly nothing more indulgent than a hair spa. In fact, if you feel down in the dumps, got dumped, feel like the world sucks or better yet, if you actually have a genuine hair problem, go to Botanics Creation which is conveniently located on level 3 of Pacific Plaza in Orchard, and you will come out feeling like the world is a great place! 
Because of my eczema, I can't have any facials or massages which is most frustrating, so discovering Botanics Creation was the best thing since sliced bread as far as I was concerned. The salon uses products by Secret Professionnel by PHYTO and since I also use PHYTO products, I knew that the treatment would not further aggravate my already irritable skin. 

After a detailed scalp analysis, my therapist told me that I had a normal scalp, but some follicles were slightly clogged, so off I went into the darkened room to change into a super fluffy robe and enjoy my scalp being massaged, purified and oxygenated, all while my super skilled therapist expertly massaged my arms and shoulders with a soothing blend of essential oil (which I did not react negatively to by the way) all while sipping on a delicious cup of expresso and nibbling on my Italian biscotti...... absolute bliss!

After the treatment, my hair was washed and towel dried and my scalp re-analysed and lo and behold, those few clogged pores were all cleared and my scalp was all healthy and happy! My therapist cum stylist then blow dried my hair and curled it for me, so I would look extra fabulous at my meeting later on. 

I must say that I have had my hair tonged before, and the results have not lasted beyond an hour in Singapore's humidity, but this time, my curls remained bouncy and fabulous the WHOLE DAY! If you would like to try out their spa (and I truly think you should!!) then take advantage of their current promotion toda

HE SAYS@LXG: He finally gets to experience a hair spa at Botanics Creation


My Botanics Creations Detox Spa Treatment
I’ve been having hair problems for a while now, so when the opportunity came up to try a hair treatment, I thought why not.

Then after a couple of calls I confirmed my time slot for the weekend and all I had to do was wait for it. So on a scorching hot Saturday afternoon I made my way to Pacific Plaza in Orchard to their salon and spa, which is on the 3rd floor. I’ve never really been someone who goes to salons or spas often, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. This was good, because I like surprises. 
So it’s the usual experience at the start. You enter the salon, get greeted at the door and then they assign a consultant to analyse your scalp to identify your problem(s). This is an extremely simple and non-intrusive process where they take you into a small room and ask you a series of questions. Then they do a scalp test using a camera that photographs your scalp to show the problem areas. Apparently I seem to have quite a few problems, but Celine, my consultant, was extremely informative and explained in detail the process and what I could expect.
She recommended an ala carte detox for my scalp, which was apparently oily and damaged by using too many products and terrible genes (thanks Mum…). The detox treatment would reset my scalp and unclog my pores, so I could have a healthier scalp for at least a month or so. For the sake of this post, I asked for the works, so I got the spa scalp detox (S$298 ala carte), which to describe briefly, is awesome. 
BEFORE TREATMENT                            AFTER TREATMENT
There is a non-spa detox, which is only done at the salon and is S$198. It is the same treatment, but without the frills that make this an experience to remember. 
I was led, very willingly, into the spa area to be absolutely pampered. So shirt off, robe on and soft music in the air to create the ambience that I thoroughly enjoyed. In comes Ella, my spa therapist, whose job is to make I have the best experience possible while getting my detox treatment. 
The first thing she did after I settled down into my reclining car, was a simple detox oil rub into my hair and scalp, which cleanses it. Then an oil mask, which frankly was very comfortable, because the moment she finished applying it, she started a relaxing shoulder and neck massage that reminded me of sunny beaches in Thailand. She then placed a steamer on my head to oxygenate my scalp and help set the mask, which took about 10 minutes in total. 
I must admit, I dozed off while my scalp oxygenated. It was just so comfy and gives you the pampered feeling, which we all love, but this post wouldn’t write itself, so I shook myself awake as Ella re-entered the room to start the next stage. Another relaxing massage began, which focused on my shoulders and upper back, so I almost fell asleep again. Note to self; get more sleep at night.
She then led me not 2 metres away to get my head shampooed twice. Yes, it must be done twice. According to both Ella and Celine, the first shampoo helps remove the dirt, chemicals and oil from your scalp. Shampoo number 2 is there to really cleanse and make sure your scalp is refreshed. When I wash my hair, I lather it up and wash it away. This was a head massage, plus shampoo, all rolled into one very comfortable package. 
Hair wash over, I got it dried gently and then time to head into the salon for the blow dry. All the while I get offered coffee, tea or any beverage of my choice. After the blow dry, you’re led back into the consultation room, where Celine came back to show me the before and after. A much cleaner and less oily scalp was presented to me, while I basked in the afterglow of the treatment. It was also eye-opening about how much your scalp can be affected by the hot and humid weather, even if we’re in air-conditioned rooms. Celine was an encyclopedia on hair health, so I soaked in as much as possible to try to make sure I maintained and hopefully improved my scalp and hair health.
Afterwards, she ran me through my options and what Botanic Creations can do for me. They are able to prepare a customized treatment programme that targets and helps combat any scalp or hair issues I may have. This personalized treatment plan ensures that whatever your issue is or if you just want to ensure you don’t have any future issues, they can help you.

So thanks Celine and Ella for possibly the best spa experience of my life. Hopefully I will be seeing you’ll soon and in the meantime I have taken your advice to heart. Hopefully it’ll start showing on my head. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

LADY@LXG: Discovers the Power of Light

"Recently my eczema went a little mental, and decided that it needed to spread all over my arms and legs, leaving me looking like I was suffering from chicken pox".

With two bouts of steroids not doing much, I even opted for TCM treatments, which helped, but didn't cure the itching and disgusting bumps and lumps and the food restrictions that were imposed on me during the treatment (no meat, no poultry, no eggs - which meant no cake, no pastries, no nothing with eggs, no shell fish and no spices) left me so hungry. The only bright light at the end of this dismal tunnel was the fact that I managed to finally lose 3 kilos (yay!). 

EHA Clinic at Shaw Centre in Orchard is located on level #15-01 
It was during my severe mutant stage when I bumped into Dr. Elias Tam from EHA Clinic in orchard  and he was kind enough to not shudder at the sight of my grotesqueness. 

In fact, Dr.Tam even touched and examined my yucky bumps and suggested I try his Omega Light Machine. The clinic called me later that day and scheduled a weekly 20-minute session using yellow light to heal my red, itchy and inflamed skin. 

Its been 3-weeks and the eczema on my face is almost all gone. Apart from very faint redness, the itching and weeping wounds have completely healed. 

This is what inspired me to stick my arms into the machine today in the hope of trying to get my arms to look less hideous. I would have stuck my legs in, but it would require some contortion, so maybe another day perhaps.

The Omega Light machine has 4 different types of lights, each with its own benefits, from wound healing, collagen boosting and fading of pigmentation. I honestly cannot imagine how something so simple as light could have so many benefits, but does and I can see and feel the improvement. 

Each session of Omega light is currently priced at $150 but if its your first time, the trial price is only $90. To find out more, call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 or visit them at