Sunday, 8 March 2015

LADY@LXG: Turn back the hands of time with Neostrata's Triple Firming Neck Cream

“Using patented NeoCitrate and NeoGlucosamine, this neck cream promotes collagen and hyaluronic acid production, plumping and lifting the skin around the neck”.

As a beauty editor, I have always believed that our face ends at our chest, which is why I have always slathered on the same pricey boosters, serums and lotions that I use on my face, onto my neck. In fact, I won't even dare to draw my blackout curtains in the morning until I have a layer of sunscreen 'tapped' onto my face, neck and décolletage. 

However, no matter how dedicated I have been, I feel that my neck seems to have aged faster than it should have, especially for my age. And to rub this fact in further, I get tut-tutted at by my facial therapist every month when she catches sight of my lined neck (sigh).

Because my skin is super-sensitive and prone to break out in raised patches of eczema for no rhyme or reason, I was a bit wary about using anything new, but since it was a product by Neostrata, I figured it should be safe! 

This cream smells really fresh and clean and does not leave a sticky after-feel, unlike a lot of other moisturisers and neck creams. Instead, this cream absorbs fast, and leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and delicately scented.

Because I have only recently started using the cream, I can’t tell you if I have noticed any improvements (yet), although I do expect to see some after a month of using this product, twice a day.

The Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream is a special anti-ageing cream designed for the  delicate and often neglected neck area and decollete. The strong firming and exfoliating action is said to improve all the signs of premature ageing and is formulated with a powerful blend of NeoStrata proprietary and other selectively sourced ingredients.

Based on three components, this cream tightens, increases volume and addresses sagging skin in the neck area. If this truly works, it is indeed a godsend, as I seem to have a lot of lines on my neck. Far more than I should for my age. 

Pro-peptides stimulate the production rate of collagen in the deeper layers of skin; NeoCitriate™ helps to produce new collagen to lift and firm; and clinically proven NeoGlucosamine® helps increase hyaluronic acid and evens pigmentation, while helping to create a supportive skin structure. The strong effect of this cream is further reinforced by the Apple Stem Cell Extract which helps to maintain cells and gives the skin a younger, tighter appearance by creating a powerful invisible mesh support to restore and maintain the shape of the neck.

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