Sunday, 22 June 2014

LADY@LXG: SHEA - making daily cleansing sheer joy!

Living in Singapore, It's easy to forget that simple everyday pleasures don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Stepping into SHEA at Orchard Central, is like stepping into a beautifully scented Aladdin's Cave, filled to the brim with every beauty addict's wildest dreams. 

Shelves and tables stacked high with colourful tubs and bars, jars and bottles of essential oils, body butters, scrubs, clay masques, hand creams and hair products that will make any beauty junkie foam at the mouth.
I love to bathe. In fact, here’s a pointless bit of information, I shower/bathe at least three times a day with a final soak in the bath tub just before bed. I make my daily ablutions “me-time” where I can relax and soak in the scent and feel of my bath oils and soaps - so imagine my joy when I came across SHEA.
Not only does Shea's range of bath and body products make cleansing and bathing a pleasure, but they get another big thumb's-up from me because they practice responsible beauty - using pure and natural ingredients, recyclable containers - and absolutely NO animal testing.
Shea carries a variety of yummy highlights - like pure shea butter, which is wonderful for those who suffer from eczema and dry skin. They also stock an exquisite range of handmade soaps and essential oils.  
One of my particular favourites is their range of body butters. These come in a range of delectable scents, some of which I haven't found anywhere else. These colourful little tubs of happiness can sit just as comfortably on your office desk as your bathroom shelf - their moisturizing benefits helping to inject a little bit of pleasure and calm into your day.
These gorgeously scented Little Hotties are a must have in the office or home. They smell as good as they look and my personal favourite scent was Morning Coffee! The Little Hotties are priced at $21.50 for 100grams.
This Scrubology body scrub which retails at $32.80 smells GORGEOUS and leaves your skin moisturized, clean and scented. In fact, unlike most scrubs, don't be surprised if you smell shower fresh for hours as the pure essential oils ensure that the perfume stays for hours!  

Shea's staff are all extremely knowledgeable and will happily spend ages explaining and answering any questions. They lend a welcoming atmosphere to the store (located at Orchard Central and Liang Court), and like me, you'll probably spend a much longer time in Shea than you intended!