Sunday, 7 October 2012


The Recharge, Re-energize and Re-new Facial Regimen customized specifically for men...  

Continuing on my list of “must try facial treatments” I must share my first ever experience at Porcelain the Face Spa. 

The salon is located a mere five minute walk away from Outram Park MRT station. Upon entering the salon, if your therapist is still engaged, expect to have a relaxing foot soak in a sea salt infused bath and a cup of tea while you wait.

There are three treatments under the R3 Range; Recharge, Re-energize and Re-new, which are adaptations of Porcelain’s existing treatments, tweaked specially for men and their skin care concerns.
If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you would know that I suffer from chronically congested pores. But having said that, my skin has been quite decent as of late thanks to my religious use of Jyunka’s M+ Fluid. However, my last facial left me with breakouts and scars, due to over enthusiastic but incomplete extractions - which was quite depressing really, if you consider how long and hard I worked at keeping the zits at bay. 

Treatment Room
When Porcelain invited me down to try their R3 selection of facial treatments (which although is created for men, can also be used on us women), I was quite skeptical to be honest, but I had to do something with my deteriorating complexion, so I decided to give it a go, and I am still thanking my lucky stars that I did!

My therapist Nicole (who I greatly recommend), suggested I try the Renew treatment based on my skin’s condition. This treatment is perfect for those suffering from open pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, acne, acne scars and oily/sensitive/dry skin, which more or less described me to a T.  

This facial is an adaptation of Porcelain’s bestselling Quintessential Treatment and showcases the face spa’s key-competency in deep pore cleansing by using extractions to achieve clearer looking skin.  

Nicole put her whole heart and soul into taking out every blackhead she could find. For a facial totally focussed on extraction, this was one of the most painless procedures that I have ever experienced. Most of my blackheads are concentrated around my T-zone, and Nicole ensured that they were all eradicated. To prevent my skin from turning red and swollen, she applied squares of cotton saturated in skin calming chamomile essence and at the end of the facial (it took almost three hours) my skin looked so clean and clear with minimal swelling and redness. 

She warned me that I would have some scabbing the next few days due to the extraction using a surgical needle, but honestly, that was not a problem for me at all, considering how clean and pore-less my skin looked for the first time in its oily little life. 

It was a joy talking to Nicole, as she was a wealth of information and gave me many tips on how to cleanse and extract my blackheads at home without causing any scarring or breakouts. 

It is recommended that this treatment be done every 10 to 20 days depending upon your skin condition. 

This facial costs $280 for 90-120 minutes and although I am sure that all their therapists are good, I was really impressed by Nicole’s skill and professionalism. Not many people can spend two hours painstakingly extracting every single blackhead from someone's face and still be cheerful by the end of it.

Special Launch Promotional Rates: 

1. Purchase either ReEnergize or Renew at 50% off AND receive a complimentary Recharge 

2. Purchase all 3 treatments at a special price of $250 (UP $720) 

3. Purchase all 3 treatments x 3 sessions each at $1500 & receive a complimentary custom 
product home-care regime worth $290. (UP $2450)  

For the holiday season, Porcelain Face Spa has launched a limited edition five-piece DIY facial spa kit, so you can recreate your experience in the comfort of your own home, or simply extend the effects of your treatment. The kit retails at just $99 (UP $157).

For more details, contact Porcelain the Face Spa at Tel. 6222-9802.