Monday, 18 January 2016

LADY@LXG: Discovers the Power of Light

"Recently my eczema went a little mental, and decided that it needed to spread all over my arms and legs, leaving me looking like I was suffering from chicken pox".

With two bouts of steroids not doing much, I even opted for TCM treatments, which helped, but didn't cure the itching and disgusting bumps and lumps and the food restrictions that were imposed on me during the treatment (no meat, no poultry, no eggs - which meant no cake, no pastries, no nothing with eggs, no shell fish and no spices) left me so hungry. The only bright light at the end of this dismal tunnel was the fact that I managed to finally lose 3 kilos (yay!). 

EHA Clinic at Shaw Centre in Orchard is located on level #15-01 
It was during my severe mutant stage when I bumped into Dr. Elias Tam from EHA Clinic in orchard  and he was kind enough to not shudder at the sight of my grotesqueness. 

In fact, Dr.Tam even touched and examined my yucky bumps and suggested I try his Omega Light Machine. The clinic called me later that day and scheduled a weekly 20-minute session using yellow light to heal my red, itchy and inflamed skin. 

Its been 3-weeks and the eczema on my face is almost all gone. Apart from very faint redness, the itching and weeping wounds have completely healed. 

This is what inspired me to stick my arms into the machine today in the hope of trying to get my arms to look less hideous. I would have stuck my legs in, but it would require some contortion, so maybe another day perhaps.

The Omega Light machine has 4 different types of lights, each with its own benefits, from wound healing, collagen boosting and fading of pigmentation. I honestly cannot imagine how something so simple as light could have so many benefits, but does and I can see and feel the improvement. 

Each session of Omega light is currently priced at $150 but if its your first time, the trial price is only $90. To find out more, call EHA Clinic at 6235 3325 or visit them at

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