Sunday, 8 September 2013


I had my fourth session of Soprano this August and although I only had to shave once during that month, I noticed that I had a few fine hairs growing in the area. 

I figured this was because since I have been epilating (for those of your who are not aware what epilating is, its similar to waxing, in that it rips the hair off at the root - the difference is that instead of using a wax or sugar paste, I use a handy little gadget that does the deed for me. Fuss-free but as painful as waxing and with the definite risk of ingrown hairs) which is why I am so thrilled to be able to have hair-free armpits thanks to Dr. Pang! 
When I spoke to Dr Pang about it, he confirmed that the new, albeit fine and sparse growth was due to the fact that because I used to epilate, not all the hairs re-grew at the same time which is why the laser was unable to kill them, so fingers crossed that after my fifth and final session this coming week, I will truly be permanently hair-free in my under-arm area.

The procedure was very fast, around 10-minutes or less and completely painless. Because Dr. Pang increased the intensity (he usually does this as the patient progresses in the treatment) I felt more heat, but it was not painful - uncomfortable, but bearable. If it gets too hot, all you need to do is let Dr. Pang know and he will stop, apply more cooling gel and reduce the intensity, easy as pie. 

After each session the nurses will clean the gel and apply a gentle moisturizer to the area and you are ready to go. There is no down-time, no pain, no mess, its simple and you can have it done during your coffee break or lunch hour and no one would be the wiser :) 

I seriously love this machine - as you can see the results after just one session - and it is pain-free, fuss-free, and best of all - permanent! I really do hope that the fifth session next week can kill off the remaining hair follicles so my under arms can look flawless and hair-free!
For more information about the procedure, check out my first post where I get a bit technical, explaining how laser hair removal and IPL differ. 

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