Monday, 7 October 2013

STYLE@LXG: Braun CoolTec

Braun CoolTec - a Woman’s Perspective:

Before we go any further with this review, let's talk about the Braun CoolTec from a woman’s perspective. The gadget is cute, I love that it comes in its own little zip-up case, which makes taking it with you when you travel, an absolute breeze.  
I must begin by stating for the record that Mr. LXG was not enthusiastic about me using his new shaver on my legs, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do for her readers, so after much whining and arm-twisting, I got to have the first go!

After growing my leg hairs out for a few days, it was the perfect length to try out the Braun CoolTec CT4s. 

I normally shave my legs with a good old fashioned 4-blade razor when I shower - mainly because because if I dry shave, my legs tend to get itchy and bumpy. 

Which is why I decided to trial this shaver on my dry legs - to see if its cooling function would prevent my skin from itching (honestly, the sacrifices I make just so you can get the real low-down). 

Although admittedly the shaver is not actually designed to be used on a woman’s legs, it nevertheless performed very well. 

The cooling function was very impressive, and actually quite pleasant. It literally felt like I had an ice cube being drawn across my skin and even after shaving, there was no itchy reaction.

My only criticism is that it did not shave as cleanly as a traditional razor after one go over a particular area, but you can't have everything I guess. I had to undertake a second pass to achieve a smoother shave and pass the feel-test - but visually it looked just fine after just one go.
In summary, I think its a beautifully crafted gadget and I wish we women had one for ourselves, preferably in pink!

Its super-handy and I love the cooling factor, which really does work.

Would I buy it if I was a guy - or even for my guy? Most certainly! 

The Lady@LXG

Braun CoolTec - The LXG Review:

For as long as hair has been sprouting on my face, I’ve been a member of the Wet Shave Club. I’ve never found anything more refreshing or effective than the crisp, clean partnership of razor-blade and shaving foam.

I did have a brief liaison with an electric shaver in my late teens, and all that left me with was irritated and reddened skin, so needless to say, that relationship didn’t last very long.

Of course I do agree that wet shaving requires an investment in time, perhaps ten minutes compared to the 2 minute spin on an electric shaver – but the results of a wet shave have always far outweighed  anything else, so this extra time has never been an issue.

So when Braun recently announced the launch of their CoolTec electric shaver, the traditionalists amongst us at LXG were admittedly not that excited at the news.

But nevertheless I am not one to turn my nose up at any new experience, and after having read a little more about Braun’s patented CoolTec technology, I was happy to have the opportunity to give it a test drive… It would surely take a LOT to change this old shaver’s mind…

Okay so the first thing that has to be said is that as far as electric shavers go, the CoolTec looks pretty cool in black and dark blue.  
Braun’s promise with the CoolTec is to deliver something that other electric shavers thus far have failed to achieve - a non-irritating shave. Their solution sounds misleadingly simple – to just keep it cool.

You see, the problem with all electric shavers is that they generate heat. While you're shaving, this warmth is passed on to the skin and often initiates the most common shave irritations, such as redness, ingrown hairs, and breakouts – hence why my earlier attempts with electric razors were so short-lived.

Braun has added a cooling aluminium bar on the tip of the razor, designed to cool it down as it shaves, through proprietary Thermo Electric Cooling (TEC) technology.

The CoolTec ‘effect’ can be triggered by pressing the ‘snowflake’ symbol on the razor’s handle. The cooling bar is set between two SensoBlade foil-style razors and one epilating jaw.

After charging the razor, I set about introducing it to my 3-day old stubble – already nervously anticipating razor burn as soon as I began…  

But even as I started to shave, the Cooltech kicked in, and this wonderful, icy sensation followed wherever the razor moved over my skin. As I shave, the bar comes into contact with my face and chills any sparks causing the irritation process before they can even start.
The science behind this is literally quite cool - underneath the razor is a cooling element, much like in a fridge, which cools the aluminium bar as you shave. The CoolTec also works to remove heat from the face created by friction and transfers it into a heat sink stowed away in the middle of the shaver.

In no time at all my face was fuzz-free, and not a single razor-burn in sight. The cooling effect really seems to have made all the difference. The razor also includes a long hair trimmer that worked well to trim my goatee, and should work just as well on sideburns, beards, and moustaches.

It’s also waterproof so you can have a shave in the shower (I will also be putting this to the test shortly).

I was testing out the CoolTec CT4s model, but the CoolTec CT5cc has an added self-cleaning attachment incorporated in its charging dock which cleans and lubricates the blades.
The CoolTec stays charged for 45 minutes worth of buzzing and gets enough power from five minutes of charging for one good shave.

So, the question must be asked… has the CoolTech made a convert out of me? Well, all things considered, it did impress – and the cooling effect made a usually uncomfortable process actually quite pleasant.

Of course as far as I’m concerned there’s still nothing quite as invigorating as a traditional closer-than-close wet shave, but when pushed for time while still needing the assurance of a comfortable, burn-free shave – I might just be reaching for the CoolTech more times than I might care to admit…

For more information about the CoolTech and the latest news about the range, check out the Braun fan-page on Facebook. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

LADY@LXG: Cycle Vital by Eugene Perma

Inspired by nature, to cleanse, heal, protect and nourish hair from its very core.

Cycle Vital by Eugene Perma from Paris is a range of hair care essentials inspired by the wondrous healing properties of nature. In Paris, this brand is only available at salons, but luckily for us here in Singapore, we can find our favourite Cycle Vital product from John Little and Beauty By Nature stores.

Cycle Vital hair care comes in an extensive range of hair care products, each in their own unique colour coded packaging to make it easy for consumers. From their Primary Range for normal hair, to their Sun Protection Range and everything in-between, expect to find a range that is suitable for your hair / scalp condition. 
I was lucky enough to try the Nutri-Plus Range of shampoo and conditioner which is for dry and damaged hair. This protecting and healing range of hair care uses quinoa as one of its main ingredients. Quinoa, which is jam-packed with essential fatty acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, is further reinforced with Aquaxyl, a combination of two plant sugars with moisturising, regenerative properties and Cosmedia Guar, a conditioning agent that helps keep hair clean, freshly scented, deeply hydrated and tangle-free.

Although I actually have normal to dry hair, this shampoo has now become one of my favourite go-to’s. Its extremely gentle and hair is instantly softer and smoother, without being weighed down, after use.

Because I was my hair daily, it tends to get a bit dry, but no matter how often I wash it, this range keeps it soft and healthy.

The Nutri-Plus range comes in:

Nutri-Plus Shampoo $24.90 (250 ml)

Keeps hair soft and supple.

The Nutri-Plus Cream $39.90 (150 ml)

Has a light, non greasy texture that protects the hair fibre from external aggressors. 

The Nutri-Plus Mask $44.90 (200 ml)

A rich, creamy texture that fortifies damaged hair to repair the hair fiber to keep hair soft, supple and shiny.

Cycle Vital is available in the following ranges: Anti-hair fall, Anti-dandruff, Purifying - for oily scalp and hair, Anti-ageing, Intense Volume for thinning hair, Smoothing for unruly hair, Soft Curls, Radiance enhancing range and their Coloured hair range.