Tuesday, 23 August 2016

FILM@LXG: Suicide Squad or So-So Squad?

Suicide Squad... what a load of old cobblers! 

Story and editing a total mess. To call it a mind-numbing mash-up of music videos and tired clichés would be an understatement.

The rumours were true... David Ayers' original cut was supposed to be much darker and more linear. After the huge response to the first trailer, WB got cold feet, ditched the original version and got the company who cut the trailer, Trailer Park, to recut the entire story... As a result it looks like a long series of trailers or pop videos... What do you expect from a company who've only ever cut trailers, as their name suggests?
One or two gags. But most of what you see in the trailers isn't even in the movie!!! Such a wasted opportunity. But the kill-score is what will nevertheless make this movie a hit....

This was a serious injustice to it's comic book origins. Without giving anything away, there are cameos. 

But edited in such a rushed way that you feel neither the impact or excitement. 
And quite honestly if you look / listen carefully some of their scenes look as if they've cut in between what would have been much longer (and I feel much needed) monologues.

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