Saturday, 22 March 2014

FILM@LXG: Man of Tai Chi

Oh my goodness me - where to start with this? To watch Man of Tai Chi is to get a ringside seat into the near comatose mind of debut director, Keanu Reeves...

Hello, hello, is there anybody there? Keanu seems to be stuck in a world where the action scenes from the Matrix keep running and re-running, until the film itself starts to wear thin.

To say you've seen this all before would be an understatement.A typical martial arts film, where an innocent martial arts practitioner is tempted by 'the dark side' (played by a one-dimensional Reeves, dressed in grey or black), and bucket-loads of money - to beat all his opponents and ultimately commit the ultimate Tai Chi sin - to kill.

There is hardly any character development. There is no explanation as to the motivation of Reeves' character, and main protagonist, Tiger Chen (a veteran stunt artist from the Matrix films) struggles to convince - unfortunately looking more like a bow-legged uncle than a powerful young martial artist exponent.

Adding to the cast is a cardboard Karen Mok, playing a detective trying to track down Reeves' illegal underground fighting tournaments. She's got to be possibly the worst detective in history, always turning up late at the scene of a crime, and apparently hiding in plain view, so that the bad guys always know where she is...

What a film, what a film... if you're watching purely for fight scenes, then you won't be disappointed, as our Tai Chi hero is pitted against all other forms of martial arts, to prove to everyone just how powerful Tai Chi can be.

But after half an hour of non-stop grunts and groaning sound effects as they kick the stuffing out of each other, the noise can start testing your patience... 

To give this movie 2 out of 10 would be generous... All that's left to be said is... "Keanu, what were you thinking? Maybe you took one too many blue pills?"

WARNING: The trailer is much better than the actual film!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

LADY@LXG: Hackett opens its doors to Singapore's fashion-savvy

Picture the scene: You wake up one day, check your emails and find that your hard work in applying for your ideal job has finally paid off and you've been invited for a job interview. The first thing you do is check to see if there are any requirements... and then it hits you like a slap in the face: the smart-casual dress code. What does this mean? What do I wear? Panic ensues. Sounds familiar?

Smart-casual has become somewhat of a fashion buzzword, dictating everything from office dress to dinner date, and the balancing act between the smart-casual divide has been a constant uphill struggle for men. Too smart and you risk looking overdressed, too casual and you can appear untidy in comparison to others. So how do you get it right?

To inspire you in pursuit of the ideal smart-casual look, Hackett Menswear has arrived in Singapore – and LXG were there at their flagship store in Marina Bay Sands to cover the launch

Designing menswear since 1983, the brand provides British-inspired clothing any gentleman would desire in his wardrobe. Its new store brings no less the magnificence offered in its other 63 standalone stores and 59 concession stores worldwide.

This season, Hackett covers four thematic collections: The Hackett Mayfair, Art College, The Yorkshire Paintings and The Artist’s Atelier. Get dressed in a luxurious range of timeless designs from The Hackett Mayfair embracing new polo shirts with full-fashioned collars and lightweight suits fit for our climate. Deconstructed, shoulders are soft and tailored without shoulder pads. Expect half-lined and unlined, single or double-breasted jackets in classic colours of dark grey, navy blue or brown.

Hackett, B2-230 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

LXG's Kristen Chen covers the opening of Hackett's flagship store here in Singapore.