Friday, 12 September 2014

LIFESTYLE@LXG: TS takes the Braun Cruzer 6 for a test drive

I am often told I need to shave more. My reply is often a mumbled apology about time and a fear of having my face ripped to shreds by dull blades. All right, I maybe exaggerating slightly when I say rip my face to shreds, but let's be honest here; getting nicked while shaving is probably the third worst thing that can happen to you before you leave the house every morning. The first two being constipation and diarrhea in no particular order. 

So when I was offered a chance to review the Braun Cruzer 6, I was interested but not really hopeful. I had tried electric shavers before and they were not good. I looked unshaved and the shavers usually irritated my skin. So with trepidation I decided to give it a try. I've had it for about a week now and here's how it has been so far. 

Day One:
I had shaved the day before, so I only had a short bristles. It was time to test the claims that the Cruzer gives you a smooth clean shave, even removing the the 5pm shadow that Asians never ever get. 

The result was surprising quite decent. Usually it takes around a week or two to get used to an electric shaver, however the Braun Cruzer was amazing easy to use and I had a smooth shave (impressed but still skeptical. Maybe this was a one off?). 
Day Four:
Skip ahead a few days and here I am with thicker beard and an unofficial warning from HR about maintaining professional standards (I seriously can't believe they did not accept that I had to grow my face hair for a review). Ok, let's see how well the Braun Cruzer does on my longer, thicker and generally bushier beard and mustache. 

Personally, I prefer to dry shave, though Braun has the awesome option of a wet or dry shave, so if you're strapped for time, you can always shower and shave at the same time.  

After three passes of the shaver, my hairy beard was a thing of the past. I was a little sad to be honest cos I had kind of grown attached to my fuzz, but feelings be damned, I had a review to write. 

This time I was able to test it more thoroughly and see how well it shaved the contours of my face. And I must say, my jaw line has never felt so smooth before (the girl friend was most appreciative too!)

I'm going to skip the next week or so, because it is safe to say that the shaver works well and I also don't want to piss off HR any more than necessary. 

The Braun Cruzer is awesome and I am a believer. Though I probably should mention the styler or as I like to call it the sideburn trimmer. You can slide up a trimmer that allows you to maintain your sideburns and if required trim your facial hair rather than shave it all off. 

To those of you who can actually grow a lot of facial hair and think thin beards and mustaches are uber cool, you're most welcome.

The Braun Cruzer 6

The Braun Cruzer retails at S$119 and is available at all major retailers.

You can find out more about the product on the Braun website: Or join Braun’s facebook page for great giveaways and tips: BRAUN