Saturday, 20 August 2016

FILM@LXG: We are loving Stranger Things on Netflix

Stranger Things‬ is one of the unexpected hits of the year so far... 

A horror/mystery that pays homage to the style of Spielberg and immerses itself in everything that was cool about the '80's, including the retro opening titles and accompanying music.
Also the best ensemble of child actors in a long while. This was a real pleasure for us at LXG to binge-watch... and we are really looking forward to Season 2.
If you haven't watched this yet, you should. Its a gripping series thats making waves online. Better yet, you can like us, binge watch the entire series, commercial free, on Netflix. 

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Sherri recommends that you fly to Taipei and stay in a 4-star hotel for 3D2N with just $650!

Budget traveller alert: Did you know that you can fly to Taipei and stay in a 4-star hotel for just $650?

Where would you go for a 3D2N getaway if you have only a meager budget of $650 for BOTH the air ticket and lodgings? The neighbouring Malaysia, Thailand or maybe Indonesia? Now you can add Taipei to your budget travel destination list.

Taipei City is partnering with China Airlines, new attractions and local vendors to launch a 3D2N two-to-go Fun Taipei ‘Free and Easy’ package.  For just S$650 (all In, inclusive of taxes) per person, travellers will travel by China Airlines AND stay in a four-star boutique hotel in popular downtown hotspot at Ximending! Cool deal right?

Taipei city even came up with 4 carefully curated must-do lists targeted at Singaporeans to help you make the most of your 3D2N trip, so no planning needed! Just follow the recommended itinerary and you can’t go wrong.  

The 4 mission routes include shopping, food, relaxation and cultural/creativity trails to cater to Singaporeans who are looking to shop/eat till they drop, just chill or are culture history buffs. There are 12 pit stops on each of the 4 lists.  No harm mixing things up a little to get the most of the short getaway too. Singaporeans with OCDs can choose to extend their holidays and finish all 4 routes to leave no stone unturned! The 4 mission routes targeted at Singaporeans for you to choose from.

Travelers get to take home a lucky pack complete with the four mission routes and a scratch card to win prizes with every purchase of this Fun Taipei Free and Easy package.

Win a free trip to Taipei daily at Travel Revolution

Fun Taipei will be promoting the all-new 3D2N Free and Easy package at Travel Revolution held at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall Basement 2 Hall F this weekend. The travel fair is open to the public. Those who visit the Fun Taipei booth at the Travel Revolution fair can participate in a virtual climb of the Taipei 101 using the smart phone and stand a chance to win China Airlines return air tickets to Taipei daily.

Fear not if you are too busy to make the trip to the fair, this 3D2N package will on sale at various travel agencies till end of 2016!!!

For more information on FUN TAIPEI, please visit

Namewee the “language teacher”

Fun Taipei ambassador, Malaysian singer songwriter Namewee (黄明志) attended the press conference for the launch of his latest promotional video for FUN TAIPEI and the 3D2N free and easy package. Through the video, he gave a very comprehensive guide to Taiwan terminologies through the latest promotional clip for Fun Taipei.

He said he helped conceptualised the video and drew inspiration from the different ways Taiwanese and Singaporeans/Malaysians express themselves.

Namewee’s guide to speaking like a local in Taipei

Meaning/英语: Drinks (generic term)
Singapore expressions 新马用语: shui 水
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: yin liao 饮料

Meaning 英文: straw (for drinking)
Singapore expressions 新马用语: xi shui cao (吸水草/水草)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: xi guan (吸管)

Meaning/英语: wow/fantastic
Singapore expressions新马用语: steady/ gou li (够力)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: chao hai (超嗨)

Meaning/英语: To sing karaoke
Singapore expressions新马用语: chang K (唱K)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: K ge (K歌)/ye chang (夜唱)

Meaning/英语: Draw money from ATM
Singapore expressions新马用语: an qian (按钱)
Taiwanese expression台湾用语: ti kuan (提款)

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