Tuesday, 6 March 2018

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Sherri attends Allure's Signature Misty Brow Media Launch

Like fashion trends, eyebrow trends come and go. Our features also change naturally over time as we age. This is precisely why in recent years, permanent tattoo has fallen out of fashion and semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery is deemed to be far more ideal. 
Eyebrow embroideries typically last around 2 to 3 years and are more natural than tattoos. In those 2 to 3 years, eyebrow trends may have changed and need “updating”. For example, ultra straight eyebrows were trendy in the 80s and 90s but considered very unnatural now. Eyebrow embroidery techniques are also constantly evolving to achieve more natural effect.
Most importantly, eyebrows frame our face and can create the illusion of a more balanced face shape and features. Brows can even affect the impression of an individual’s persona so choosing a pair of eyebrows that suits both the face and personality to create a positive impression is no mean feat. If there are changes in body weight, face shape and/or skin condition, eyebrows will have to be redesigned to achieve the ideal golden ratio in our facial features. 
Popular eyebrow embroidery chain Allure Beauty has recently launched a new embroidery technique named Signature Misty Brows. Allure Beauty brow experts are trained to design brows using the golden ratio technique so brows can frame the face perfectly and complement facial features harmoniously instead of following trends. 
The Signature Misty Brows are the result of combining two embroidery techniques involving two different sets of needles. The process involves filling in the brows by using hair strokes and also replicating the effect of brow powder, which gives it an ultra natural finish. 
The Signature Misty Brows is available at all Allure Beauty Saloon branches at a cost of $1477-$3880. 

More information is available at:
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