Wednesday, 14 May 2014

LADY@LXG: Achieving flawless luminosity with NUXE WHITE

“ Like a diamond, the skin’s beauty comes from its transparency. To maintain the skin’s full transparency, it is not enough to simply focus on whiteness. We also need to provide the skin with hydration and rosy luminosity. NUXE has achieved this in its own inimitable style, incorporating high-performance flowers and Vitamin C at the heart of a range that delivers exceptional results, demonstrated by objective clinical tests, proven and approved by women”. Aliza Jabès, NUXE’s CEO. 

I have been a loyal fan of Nuxe products for years. A definite must-have for me is their huile prodigieuse which I use twice a day on my entire body. This silky dry oil keeps my skin velvety smooth and beautifully scented, but more about this wonder product another time. This post is all about their very latest range of whitening skin care; NUXE WHITE.

Nuxe believes that in order to make the skin as transparent as possible, light needs to pass through a crystalline structure, similar to passing through a diamond. When saturated with water, the cells of the horny layer are 

more cohesive. The skin is smoother, reflecting light more effectively thus appearing more transparent.

By exploring the heart of Prodigious flowers; White Crocus, Stargazer Lily, Porcelain Rose and Cherry Blossom, Nuxe has identified these high-performance molecules which work in synergy with Vitamin C on the three key factors of skin transparency: whiteness, luminosity and hydration. 

The new Nuxe White range has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve the transparency and clarify of the complexion and the rosy appearance if the skin.

The NUXE WHITENING range comes in:

Clean and Purify your skin with the BRIGHTENING PURIFYING FOAM $38  

This very gentle sulfate-free yet foaming cleanser smells absolutely divine. In fact, the entire range of products smell like lilies, fresh, pure and delicate. The added derivatives of Coconut, Corn and Sunflower to compensate for the drying effect of cleansing, so skin does not feel tight or itchy, but soft and moist.

Moisturize and Smooth your skin with the BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZING LOTION $55
This alcohol free toner is a definite must-have. My skin was immediately infused with moisture as soon as I slapped this lotion on thanks to the fact that hyaluronic acid is one of its main ingredients. My open pores and fine-lines were instantly plumped and the effect stays with you most of the day. In fact, if I have a long day out, I saturate my skin with this lotion twice. The lotion has a gentle micro-exfoliating effect  thanks to Extract of Hibiscus Flower which has a high concentrated in pyruvic acid, which is as effective as AHA but less irritating. I absolutely love and recommend this product, as it leaves skin looking more refreshed! 

Correct skin imperfections with the INTENSIVE WHITENING DARK SPOT CORRECTING SERUM $88
This super lightweight, watery milk type serum is a highly concentrated formula of brightening active ingredients. Its extract of cherry blossom leaves with its strong moisturizing powers keeps skin hydrated and protected without looking greasy.

Diminish dark spots and moisturize with the BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZING EMULSION $65

This lotion is so light its more like a skin-milk than your run-of-the-mill moisturizer. It absorbs instantly and leaves your face looking hydrated (thanks to being chock full of hyaluronic acid) while rice powder absorbs excess sebum, leaving skin instantly matified without blocking the pores. 

Protect your skin from UV damage with the DAILY UV PROTECTOR SPF 30 PA +++ $45
Since receiving this product, I have been religiously using it every single day. Not just because it smells awesome and has a high SPF 30 protection against both UVA and UVB rays but mostly because it leaves my skin matte and velvety smooth, which in our humid climate is a huge plus!

With cocoa extract to reduce melanin and tyrosinase activity. Jasmine extract  to boost our skin's defense against free radicals. Vitamin E to protect the cells’ integrity and shea polyphenols to neutralize any aggression from heavy metals while detoxifying the cells, this sunscreen, offers great protection in a handy little bottle that can be slipped into even the smallest makeup pouch.

Nuxe White is available at all Beauty By Nature stores (VivoCity #01-06/07, Parkway Parade #B1-75/76, ION Orchard #B3-49/50)

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