Wednesday, 6 June 2018

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey discovers Collagen Lift™ Paris

A hearty congratulations to Collagen Lift™ Paris  for launching their collagen drink at EHA Skincare's retail and  online store! As a long term fan of EHA Skincare brand products and facial services, I was so excited when I heard that they were also bringing in a collagen drink! 
At the Collagen Lift Paris media launch with Blogger Pearly on my Right and
Lifestyle Collective Editor Kristen on my Left.
Collagen Lift™ Paris is a collagen drink which you can consume everyday. Each box has one month's supply of collagen and is conveniently packed in a user-friendly ampoule.

Collagen Lift™ Paris is easily absorbed by the body & is best to be taken in the morning diluted in water or juice, with an empty stomach. 

Clinical trials have been done in Germany & France, Collagen Lift™ Paris have shown remarkable results. It has been shown to be effective in increasing collagen density, reducing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity & hydration. 

Collagen Lift™ Paris is further enhanced with Mediterranean seaweed extract and Vitamin C making it a potent source of anti-aging collagen, minerals and antioxidants.

The clinical trials have proven that one of the key ingredient - Verisol® collagen peptides promotes an increase in nail growth and decrease in cracked/chipped nails. Recent studies have shown that collagen supplement is not only effective against wrinkles and dry skin, it also improves nail quality too.

Collagen Lift® Paris comes in two variants: Collagen Lift® Paris Gold $160 and Collagen Lift® Paris Red Carpet $180 

Collagen Lift® Paris is available at EHA Skincare 1 Scotts Road. Shaw Centre #03-28 and online at