Thursday, 4 July 2013

LADY@LXG: Hair Be Gone - Soprano Session Part 2!

I had my second session of Soprano on the 14th of June and just like I raved to Dr. Pang, I was thrilled as I only had to shave once in three-weeks. My underarm area was not only hair free, it also looked lighter, than when I used to shave, and the skin was much smoother.

When I entered the clinic, the nurses greeted me like an old friend and made me feel right at home. Paper towel was placed around the arm-holes of my blouse and my underarm area was cleaned with an alcohol wipe. A cool gel was then applied and the soprano laser was used to burn whatever remaining hair roots that escaped the first treatment. 

The procedure was very fast, around 10-minutes or less and completely painless. A feeling of mild heat was felt in the area but that was negligible. 

Afterwards the nurses cleaned the gel and applied a gentle moisturizer to the area and I was ready to head off to do some GSS shopping!

I seriously love this machine as you can see results after just one session and it is pain free and fuss free and best of all permanent!

 For more information about the procedure, check out my first post where I get a bit technical, explaining how laser hair removal and IPL differ.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Dr. Aaron Pang at The Sainte Chapelle Clinic, #B1-10, Marina Square. 6 Raffles Boulevard, S039594. Tel: 63363128. 

My next session is a week away so stay tuned for more updates!