Friday, 16 October 2015

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Beat the stink with Bioré Men's Deodorant Body Wash

Photo courtesy of: Daily Mail UK

Did you know that men sweat up to 50% more than women? Worse yet, when this sweat reacts with the bacteria and sebum present on the skin, it produces what we know as body odour. 

Are you guilty of being a stinker? 

Say goodbye to constant nagging from your lady friend about your pong with this trio of life saving deo body washes. Thanks to Japanese innovation and creativity, Men's Bioré has come up with this special range, created specifically for men. 

Engineered for optimum cleansing of dirt, sebum and sweat from pores, this shower gel helps to minimise the remnants of dirt left on the skin from deteriorating to cause body odour. It contains a strong anti-bacterial formula and deodorising ingredient to neutralise any odour produced, resulting in a lasting, deep down and refreshing clean feel without drying out your skin. 

This range comes in - Fresh Mint Deodorant Body Wash, Mild Soap Deodorant Body Wash and Cool Gel Deodorant Body Wash, all of which smell wonderful and are formulated with cooling menthol, for a refreshing tingly feeling. 
The Men’s Bioré Deodorant Body Wash range (440ml) retails at $6.95 and is available in NTUC Fairprice, Watsons and Guardian.