Wednesday, 2 December 2015

LADY@LXG: Finally, a safe and natural solution for eczema!

"What do I love best about my eczema? The pain? The itch? The public embarrassment? Oh there is just so much to choose from!"

I honestly can’t believe that I forgot all about Salcura Zeoderm. I came across this lifesaver when it was first introduced to Singapore, but since I was not suffering from any skin ailment at that point in time, it completely slipped my mind. But now, since my eczema has flared up and spread onto my arms and legs making me look like some sort of red and swollen creature, I am so thankful that this product is so easily available (not to mention affordable) here in Singapore! 

Salcura Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser is so gentle it can even be used on infants over 6 months of age. A powerful antioxidant, it defends against skin cell damage, while it helps irritated skin detox by binding and eliminating skin toxins.

I use this cream on my face and neck because the eczema had made my skin so parched that it literally cracks. This cream is lovely, you only need a little bit and it keeps skin deeply hydrated and protected and most importantly, it greatly reduces the itch. The cream makes my skin matte and seems to have a slight blurring effect, making my complexion look less red and inflamed. 

The Salcura DermaSprayTM Intensive is a very water-light lotion thats great to spritz on  super itchy or hard to reach areas. It lightly hydrates and nixes the instinct to rip your skin off. Its so gentle, it can even be used on infants over 12 months of age. 

Because it comes in a spray bottle, there is no rubbing, thus lessening any risk of infection or discomfort. The water light liquid absorbs deeply, is not greasy, doesn’t stain and can even be sprayed on the scalp. Unlike many products in the market, Salcura doesn’t mask the problem. Instead, its all natural ingredients reach lower skin layers to promote healthy new skin growth. 

Both products smell pleasant, Personally I like the scent a lot. Its a bit herbal (not TCM stinky herbs, but more aromatherapy type herbs) and the scent is very light, so it wont overpower your skin care or perfume.

I especially like the fact that the products do not contain any steroids, cortisones, hormones, peroxides, antibiotics, alcohol or parabans and very importantly it is not tested on animals! 

Don’t expect overnight miracles, although it will help soothe or stop the itchy feeling and heal the skin instantly. Like all things natural, give it a little while to work its magic to heal your skin from inside-out, trust me, the patience is worth it! 

Salcura Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser retails at only $26.80 while Salcura DermaSprayTM Intensive retails at only $29.80