Saturday, 26 December 2015

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Page Advisor - Home Services at your Fingertips!

Sooner or later, something at home is going to break. It’s usually the air-con isn't it? Or perhaps the TV suddenly goes on the blink...

Not only is this highly irritating, but the resulting hassle of having to call up a repairman or take your appliance down to a service centre is a real pain. And even though you know its better to get it sorted out as soon as possible, how many of us just sit on the problem and procrastinate about getting the job done? I know I am supremely guilty of doing this...

But if a new homegrown startup has its way, all of this hassle will quickly become a thing of the past. Local entrepreneurs Fabian Lim, Ho Boon Peng, Tan Jian Yong and Jamie Lee channelled two years and $500,000 of their own money into building PageAdvisor, a mobile app that aims to radically change the way we hire home service providers.

Through PageAdvisor, consumers can gain access to more than 1,400 registered service providers from over 100 specialised services. From handymen like electricians and plumbers to lifestyle providers like home spa therapists and private chefs, this app boasts them all. It’s easy to envision that this first-of-its-kind, one-stop app can hugely simplify the way we search for quick home fixes when we need them. In many ways its like the evolution of our trusty old Yellow Pages...

So how does PageAdvisor work? Essentially, those looking for a particular service will need to answer a short set of questions regarding their requirements — job scope, budget, preferred time slots and so forth. Once you hit send, you can sit back and relax while service providers submit quotes to bid for the job.

And in comparison to Googling for service providers and calling them up one by one, searching for a provider via PageAdvisor seems unbelievably speedy and convenient.

Next to speed, safety is probably the most important thing that we’d love guaranteed in a service provider. PageAdvisor provides that security, with a number of features aimed at making sure we get merchants that we can trust. Before accepting a quote, customers will be able to sort through ratings and reviews — contributed by past users — of each service provider bidding for the job. The app also comes with an enhanced PIN security feature, comprising a 4-digit code that you and your service provider will key in before you open your door to a stranger.

Through PageAdvisor’s Merchant Guarantee Programme (MGP), you won’t have to foot the bill if you have the misfortune of experiencing unsavoury vendors — service providers registered under the MGP will offer a 100% money back guarantee.

The PageAdvisor app is now available for Android and iOS. If you still need an incentive to try out the app, the LXGers have teamed up with PageAdvisor for a very special promotion!

From now until the 29th February 2016, our readers can use our unique promo code: LXGERS to enjoy up to 50% off up to every $40 spent. For example, if you get a service for $80, you will enjoy the maximum $40 off. If you get a service for $60, you will enjoy $30 off.

Each reader can only use the promo code twice.

Our very own LADY@LXG couldn't wait to try out the PageAdvisor app, and has already treated herself to a reflexology session at home!

Read her experience and review here.

LADY@LXG: The joy of having reflexology in the comfort of your own home!

Today I test-ran a service on Page Advisor and I was quite impressed. Maybe I have lived a sad sheltered life, but I have actually never tried a home service of this kind before, so it was quite a thrill. 

My home reflexology trial cost me only $60 for a 90-minute session. My reflexologist was a lovely lady named Iris, who  kneaded and massaged  my feet, sending shivers of pure bliss all the way up to my scalp. 

While she kneaded my tired footsies, I slouched on the sofa, sipped my expresso and gorged on Christmas cake while alternating between playing Panda Pop on my iPad and reading the latest Karin Slaughter novel. This truly was the height of relaxation for me. 90-minutes just for myself, no interruptions and no need to have to drag myself home on my jellyfied legs in crowded public transport.....absolute bliss! 

If you would like to enjoy up to 50% off on your selected service or treatment, simply use the discount code: LXGERS (please read the info in the graphic below for details) 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Sherri discovers the best place to do last minute Christmas shopping!

The best place to do last minute Christmas shopping? Watsons of course!

It's that time of the year again and if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones, you are in big, big trouble. In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is literally just around the corner! If you only have time to go to one place to buy everything for everybody, Watsons has you covered. 
Not only is it a one stop shopping paradise that carries anything from toiletries, diffusers to chocolates, it is really accessible too. With a branch in almost every mall, it is great for busy people like you and me, who don’t have time to make it to town. 
I have shortlisted a few items that you may want to zoom in on when you are there and have too many choices to make. ;)
Goodies for the grownups
Ok, this is not what you think it is. I know you are too lazy to think and just want to buy a box of chocolates as a gift.  But it is Christmas and buying regular chocolates will not cut it. Get the ones that will give you a kick. Yep, Watsons now carrys Cupido’s chocolates with liquor and cocktail fillings! They are really the best bitter-sweet festive treats, so yummy I can’t stop popping them myself! (from $4.90)
The all rounder 
Need to buy in bulk, but no idea what to get? Well toiletries are no brainers because they are pretty safe gift choices for just about anybody and unisex gifts too. Pretty packaging and practical, what’s there not to like? 
English brand Grace Cole gifts sets are beautifully presented and relatively inexpensive with prices starting from only $6.90.
The Fruit Works range divine duo’s packaging is bright and cheery. In the pack, you will find a small tube of shower gel and a nylon bath ball. ($6.90)
If you are looking for something more feminine, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s Romantic Rose range’s romantic trio. The lovely packaging with rose print is girlish and attractive. It includes a body wash, body cream and soap. ($10.90)
Baylis & Harding is another brand that offers pretty gift sets at Watsons. The brand’s Boudoire Collection Floral Bouquet and Garden House gift sets’ are full of English charm. Its limited edition Jojoba, silk & almond oil gift set’s packaging on the other hand, is classy and has just the right amount of glitter. (All $8.90 each)
Spreading love through the Air
Aromatherapy never went out of fashion. Grace Cole’s diffuser sets in Orchid and Sea Breeze are decorated with a watercolour print.  The former is pretty in romantic colours like pink purple and blue. The latter has splashes of green, blue and yellow.
Besides looking good and smelling nice, it also offers really good value at just $5.90 per set. 
Good thing to have when hosting parties at home and good to bring along as a gift when attending one at a friend’s place.

About today's writer:
We are really happy to welcome Sherri into our LXG family. Sherri was a crime desk and entertainment reporter turned lifestyle correspondent for SPH. She spent her the last 7 years of her career covering beauty, fashion and health stories. She now freelances as a translator and writer for several health, wellness and lifestyle magazine. A beauty junkie, fashionista wannabe and self-proclaimed foodie she will be one of the many contributing writers at LXG.