Saturday, 13 August 2016

LADY@LXG: Nothing beats a good hair day, except maybe winning a billion dollars.

There is truly nothing more satisfying, not to mention confidence-boosting, than great looking and great smelling hair, which is why I was literally over the moon when HASK finally made it to Singapore! 

If you haven't already heard of HASK, and are not skimming through my post to see where the heck you can get your HASK fix from (Guardian stores - you are welcome), you need to seriously get yourself out from under that rock because you have missed out on the hottest haircare product in Hollywood! 
This range smells minty and gives body and volume to thin or limp hair

HASK is literally the hottest haircare product in the market. Not only are they not tested on animals (very important to me) and are free of SLS (its the chemical that is used in industrial floor cleaners and just about anything that foams and froths), the entire range smells so heavenly, you just want to drink the damn thing, let alone wash your hair with it. Normally, my scalp can be quite a bit of a diva, getting all itchy and dandruffy if I use shampoos that cost less than $45 a bottle, so I was so happy when it didn't throw a hissy fit when I used my first HASK product (Monoi Coconut - divine smelling and so hydrating). 

I especially love how every single product under its range, be it coconut, almond, charcoal, etc., leaves my hair smelling so wonderful that I can't help but flick it around in the train, just to give everyone a sniff. 

Lady@LXG Kristen Chen with HASK brand Ambassador Sukki Singapora
And who better to be the HASK brand ambassador here in Singapore but the country's only burlesque performer, the very beautiful Sukki Singapora.

And how does she maintain her hair, which at the launch was in a number of vibrant shades? Well Sukki swears by the HASK Kalahari range.

HASK Shampoos and Conditioners are affordably priced at $16.90 and their hair mask sachets (a godsend for dry, dehydrated hair) and glossing oil vials (think super-awesome smelling, gorgeously shiny but absolutely no greasy hair) are priced at only SGD $4.90, so what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself some HASK today! 

HASK is exclusively available at all Guardian stores and is my new favourite haircare brand ever!