Thursday, 1 May 2014

My new love...Sothy's Energizing Night Cream!

Let me introduce you to Sothys Miracle in a jar....

I have always been a fan of Sothys skin care, but I have to say that their range of Energizing Day and Night creams have greatly surpassed any of their previous products.

For those of you who follow my occasional rants and raves, you would be quite familiar with the fact that my skin is rather congested. In fact, if blackheads were as valuable as diamonds, I would be a zillionaire by now!

Unfortunately, even though I am prone to breakouts, especially during "that time" of the month and when I go on a chocolate binge, I can't use zit creams as they simply make my pimple burrow down further and become worse. So when I got my little hands of Sothy's Energizing Night cream, I was super excited as the product is said to make you look like you have slept 8-hours, something I don't get much of unfortunately. 

The Energizing Day Cream is said to be able to reveal the skin’s youthfulness by restoring luminosity and radiance. Siberian Ginseng protects and optimizes cellular energy for improved skin health and quality, and prevents and diminishes signs of aging. Formulated with rice peptides and lupine extracts, this daily moisturizer improves microcirculation and boosts the energy production and skin oxygenation. It is also available in “Light” for normal to combination skin and “Comfort” for dry to very dry skin.

The Energizing Night Cream is my definite must-have. I use this as a night cream daily and if I get a spot, I simply apply a little extra night cream on the spot, and viola its gone by morning!

This wonder cream renews and rejuvenates the skin overnight by visibly reducing lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen production. Formulated with glycolic acid and Sophora flower extract, it increases cell renewal and encourages the elimination of toxins during the night to reduce the “puffy” appearance of the face in the morning. Trust me, this is not just hype, it REALLY works! In fact, I am on my second jar of the product now.

If you want to look more rested before a big presentation or date, this cream is a definite must!

Although this range was actually launched a while back, I wanted to try it before I wrote about it to see if it lived up to its claims, and I can honestly say that it did.

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