Saturday, 14 July 2012

PAWS@LXG: The Last Picture Show

Social Responsibility is an obligation, not a choice. We must all, in our own way, try and step up to the mark and do something that positively affects our society and those around us. And by society, we must also remember our non-human neighbours and cohabitants.

They say a Man's best friend is his Dog. But having a dog is not a luxury; its not a car that can be sold off and traded after a few years' wear and tear. Its not an accessory to be replaced as soon as the style goes out of fashion. Having a dog as your companion pet is a huge responsibility - and you're all intelligent people out there - you don't really need me to tell you that, as if I were talking to a bunch of kids...

And yet how often are we all guilty of ignoring the plight of abused and neglected dogs that is brought to our attention on an almost daily basis? Its easy to turn the page or switch the channel - God knows I'm guilty of that.   

The problem is that as a society, we have become hardened to acts of violence, torture and abuse. Our most popular forms of celluloid entertainment are based almost entirely on these subjects. So when we see even the most shocking depictions of real-life animal abuse, does it move us? Usually not... C'mon it looks just like a scene from the latest horror flick right? Just change the channel again, and the bad things go away...

Animal rights campaigners try to bombard us into guilt with the most shocking images, portraying the very worst of our human nature. But It Does Not Work. We are immune to it.

So I was literally startled into silence recently, when I came across a portfolio of images, "MEMENTO MORI" taken by a photographer in Taiwan.

The photos are the works of photographer Tou Yun-fei. He has taken over 40,000 images of strays before they are euthanized over the last two years. These portraits capture Taiwan's stray dogs and puppies in their last moments before they are put to death... Each and every expression silently says so much; a myriad of emotions.
But even in these final moments, there seems such dignity, such knowing...
These photos draw attention to the plight of strays, 80,000 of which are reportedly euthanized annually in Taiwan.

"I believe something should not be told but should be felt," Tou told the Associated Press. "And I hope these images will arouse the viewers to contemplate and feel for these unfortunate lives, and understand the inhumanity we the society are putting them through."
Sometimes it's not shocking pictures that move people - its the quiet, subtle images that hit you where it hurts. I hope all of us, with even the slightest sense of decency, will look upon these images with a sense of shame for what our superior species is capable of inflicting on others...
As I finish this post, I look down at our own motley crew of rescued cats and dogs, some asleep by my side, and I give them each a big hug because... just because...  


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Friday, 13 July 2012

MUSIC@LXG: Jay-Z_Live at Carnegie Hall

No matter what your opinion of the man, Jay-Z has staked a claim in the modern music industry. A rapper who has crossed musical borders, broken through genres, and instigated some really inspired collaborations.

He's on top of the world, and underlined his domination by performing live in one of the planet's most prestigious concert venues...

Just a decade or so ago, who would have thought that a rapper would be selling out the former home of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. It certainly is a sign of the times.

There are many highlights in the March 2012 concert, with Jay-Z backed up not just by his band and DJs, but an entire orchestra as well. (Most ironic of all, the track "U Don't Know", a rap about selling cocaine - performed in this most hallowed of establishments!)

In this clip, Jay-Z opens the entire show with all guns blazing; Public Service Announcement:

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

LADY@LXG: Answer to a Good Night's Sleep!

Finally, a cure for insomnia that actually works!

The worst thing about not being able to sleep, apart from the mind numbing tiredness that assails you the next day, is the swollen, slitty eyes that makes you look like you've been through a bit of a cry-a-thon - which of course is tremendously unattractive, and something that no amount of touch eclat can conceal.

My battle with insomnia has had me installing black-out-blinds to block out any and every bit of light, an eye mask that made my skin itch, (so that ended quite fast), and drowsy inducing anti-histamines as well as melatonin pills - but they all left my mind in a fog the next day, although my eyes did look less puffy, which is always a plus. But trying to sound semi-intelligent while conducting an interview or writing an article was near impossible with a befuddled brain, so I had to find a more realistic solution before I burst!
When I was at the very end of my tether, the lovely people at Kneipp sent me their Valerian and Hops Herbal Bath and Goodnight Tea. Pushing all skepticism aside, I brewed myself a cup while I soaked in a tub of warm scented blue water (Kneipp uses food colouring in their baths to give users a sensory experience). 

I don’t think I have slept so soundly and for so long in a very long time and it was absolute bliss. I even woke up the next morning without the aid of the alarm, bright and ready to face the day's chores! (a rare occurrence indeed)

I now make it a nightly routine to drink a cup of Kneipp’s Goodnight Tea close to bed time (not too close though, as you will be interrupting your sleep emptying your bladder) and soaking my legs in the bath oil when I am too lazy to go the whole hog. So far, I have managed to clock at least seven hours a night or even eight on a good night when the cat doesn’t take it upon himself to blow his fishy breath into my face at dawn.

If you suffer from sleep issues or anxiety, give Kneipp’s Good Night tea and Valerian and Hops Herbal Bath a go. It worked for me and I believe it will work for you.

(Open to readers in Singapore only)

I am giving away 3 sets of Valerian and Hops Herbal Bath and Goodnight Tea, worth S$34.50 each.

If you would like to win this set:

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Winners will be drawn next Friday 20th July.


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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

SPEED@LXG: Testosterone + Nitro

Yes, its Big Boys and their Toys time here at LXG... and I'm not apologizing for this 10-minute slice of speedfreak indulgence!

Actually, coming from my other life as a TV Director, I highly recommend watching this little adrenalin-fueled gem. In that space of time, it features every conceivable camera angle, using every conceivable camera technique... The only thing that upsets me is that I didn't work on it...  

So put your brain away for the time being, switch to full screen and enjoy...

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Skin is the new Measure of a Man: SK-II Launches their Men's Facial Treatment Essence, which promises vibrant, clear skin in just 14 days.

Now here’s a new one; a recent study found that 9 in 10 women are attracted to men with good skin and want their partners to maintain their complexions - while nearly the same number have been disappointed with a man’s bad skin condition, in spite of how well-dressed he is. In addition, more than 8 in 10 ladies also agree that a successful man is one who takes care of his skin behind closed doors. Gone are the days when a man could simply draw a woman’s attention with the flash of his watch or car...
Personally, I am thrilled that SK-II has launched their men’s line, because now, the dear man won’t be delving into my precious stash of pitera and causing me much heartache when he takes the “splash onto the face” part too literally. The best part, the men’s Facial Treatment Essence is the same as the original one, except for the added menthol which counteracts their excess sebum, so if you have oily or combination skin, go ahead and steal some of his “miracle water” and simply blame evaporation (should he notice).

More to come on the SK II Men’s range as the gentleman in residence Mr. C gives the range a go...


SK-II unveiled acclaimed Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model, Godfrey Gao, as the face for their newly launched men’s range of skin care. 
The event was hosted by model and host Utt.

Monday, 9 July 2012


Guys, why should you consider a foot care regimen? Well its pretty obvious really... It will keep your feet looking and feeling better, will help prevent painful calluses, minimize odour, and women will definitely appreciate the effort made...

Simply put, men who take care of themselves make a better impression. No one wants to look at gnarly toes sticking out of sandals in summer or give a foot massage to someone who has cracked and calloused feet. Additionally, if you do suffer from painful calluses or corns, regular foot maintenance will help these troublesome issues.

General foot care for men includes a few necessities followed by additional care specifically tailored to each man’s needs. First - and most obvious, keep toenails cut. It is very easy to forget about toenails to the point where they are too long. A painful chip or worse can be a good reminder to keep those nails short. Implementing weekly care is essential, and much less painful.

Remove calluses with a pumice stone or other tool designed for this purpose. There are many on the market, and you’ll likely find that you prefer some to others. After you remove calluses, use a moisturizer. This will help prevent further buildup and is good for your feet.

If you’re in metrosexual mood, consider having a pedicure on occasion. It’s not simply just a woman’s thing anymore - many men enjoy the benefits of a pedicure and make them a regular part of their foot care regimens. Pedicures come with a foot and lower leg massage, full nail care, callus treatment, and moisturizing.

But fortunately for us boys, who are often slow to take the initiative... those clever people at Kneipp have given us yet another super-efficient, do-it-yourself solution
The first step in their recommended regime for healthy feet is something of a luxury for anyone: a bath in Kneipp® Foot Bath Crystals (S$37.45, 500g):

The foot bath has a triple-effect by cleansing tired and burning feet, soothing and invigorating them.

Additionally, it helps increase circulation due to the invigorating action of essential Rosemary Oil.

Calendula blossom-extract regenerates and smooths sensitive and stressed areas. Feet should be bathed for about 10 minutes in ankle-deep water.

And I can tell you, after 8 straight hours on my feet, this is sheer bliss...
The second step includes Kneipp® Foot Butter (S$34.90, 100ml), a buttery and rich cream which has emollient and moisturizing properties due to its ingredients: Shea butter, Panthenol, 10% Urea, and Vitamin E. This combination intensively caters to the foot’s dry skin.

Simply apply a thin layer of Foot Butter, and massage evenly into skin applying soft pressure. Because of its rich skincare properties, the Foot Butter is especially suitable for diabetics. Furthermore, it has also been shown to help prevent Athlete’s Foot.

Kneipp also have an effective solution for callused, coarse and cracked skin-areas: Kneipp® Anti-Callus-Salve (S$27.90, 50ml). If needed, apply Salve several times a day to callused areas and massage softly into feet.

Used in combination, and on a daily basis, these products will have your feet looking, and feeling, in tip-to condition...

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Kneipp Products are available at:

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Guardian Health & Beauty:

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