Sunday, 26 June 2016

LADY@LXG: The Lady discovers the most amazing face powder ever created!

"Always, always powder your T-zone and the lines going from your nose down around your mouth, so you don't look like a bulldog. When those areas are shiny, its awful" 
-- Gisele Bundchen 

There is truly nothing more satisfying that to find something that is so perfect that it puts everything else - of the same category- to shame. Well this euphoria is what I felt when I discovered Ingirl Stinn's High Definition loose mineral powder at EHA Skincare

Now its important to note that I am not the foundation or two-way cake sort of person. Although to be perfectly honest, I did spend much of my hard earned money in my youth, trying in vain to discover the perfect foundation for my uneven-textured skin (those of you with blemished or scarred skin, will be able to relate, after all, not even the best foundation will glide smoothly on a pocked surface - sadly the necessary beauty science doesn't yet exist), so imagine my gleeful joy when I came across Ingirl Stinn
While not many here in Singapore are familiar with this Taiwanese, professional mineral makeup cult brand, it is terribly popular in its country of origin and for good reason too mind you. The staff at EHA Skincare insisted that it would make my skin look amazing. 

So, trusting them and swearing to come back to wreak vengeance should they have been lying to me, I bought a tub of the High Definition translucent loose powder to try out and OH-MY-GAWD I am sold!

The powder is super, super fine and makes my less than even skin look pore-less and smooth. Even better, it keeps my skin looking matte the whole day through!! 

They also have a pressed powder version, which comes in a beautiful rose-shaped compact, that my colleague Shannon tried recently and loved, but unlike Shannon who has perfect skin, the pressed version looks like I have product on my face - whereas the loose powder version just makes my skin look flawless!! 

If you have less than perfect skin, please do try this product out 'cos its truly amazing and you will thank me. 

The loose powder retails at $55 and is available in Singapore exclusively at EHA Skincare at Shaw Centre level 3 in Orchard!