Monday, 17 November 2014

LADY@LXG: Introducing Sothys Sun Protection with Brightening Care

I actually received this fabulous product a few months ago, but because I very cleverly got eczema all over my face, I was unable to use anything, including sunscreen, which made me very paranoid, because if you have been following my inconsistent ranting, you would know that I absolutely adore sunscreen and feel naked, not to mention unprotected, without it.
While most of my girlfriends spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging skin care, my weapon against  the signs of premature aging is a good tube of sunscreen. 

When I say “good” I mean that it should be from a brand that I trust to take care of my skin, and I am willing to pay for that protection, rather than to use some generic drug store brand that may not give me the protection that I require.
I have been a huge fan of Sothys since I started working in magazines almost 14 years ago. I trust the brand and have great confidence in their products. 

In fact, one of my absolute favourite night creams is their Energizing Night Cream Just one dab on a zit and its gone the next morning and I wake up looking refreshed even though I would have only clocked in around five-to-six hours of zzzz. 

SOTHYS [W.]+ Ultra-protective Sun Shield SPF 50 not only shields your skin from the three main causes of premature aging– UVA, UVB and Infrared Radiation (IR), it also prevents pigmentation by reducing melanin synthesis. 

This is definitely a MUST-HAVE for all who aim for translucent and radiant complexions!

With Calcified Algae (Sea Origin), which is rich in minerals to fight against Infrared Radiation and Chemical Filters to ensure a broad spectrum of protection against UVA & UVB radiation. Sunflower Extract acts as an anti-oxidant to reduce the spread of free radicals generated by UVA, UVB and IR. It helps reduce the number of sunburn cells up to 54%.  Celligent™ a plant-based ingredient with synergistic combination of active molecules from rice, rosemary, sugar beet and sugar cane, protects epidermal stem cells from free radicals. 

The [W.]™+ Complex which consist of Azeloglycine + vitamin PP + vectorized and stabilized vitamin C helps to optimize cell renewal, reduce melanin synthesis, limit melanin transfer and create an equilibrium between light scattering and reflection.

And for all you sticky sunscreen haters, the Galenic Formulation in this product helps for quick penetration without the sticky and dehydrated touch we have come to associate with regular sunscreens. This means it goes on smoothly without any icky after-feel! 

How do I apply it?
Simply apply to your face and neck before sun exposure. Reapply frequently during sun exposure. Avoid eye contour and contact with clothes. Personally I like to tap my sunscreen in, to ensure thorough coverage.

This wonder in a tube retails at only $119 (30 ml) and is available at appointed SOTHYS Salons.

LADY@LXG: Firm, tone and Lift features with ATACHE Lift Therapy

I have spent most of my life as a editor / writer having facials and trying out a variety of skin care products and services. And I can tell you that it is not often that I come across a treatment that makes me sit up, glance at my reflection and think; ‘OMG! this actually works!’.

This was my first experience with ATACHE and I decided to - like any ex-beauty editor worth her salt - to find out more about the brand. The skin care brand, based in Alicante, Spain was developed by the pharmaceutical group ASAC PHARMA. The group has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical field, with a strategic focus on Dermatology and allergies. 

Unlike many major scientific skin care lines, their main target is the research and investigation of active ingredients originating from European and American medicinal plants. In fact, because ASAC owns the cultivation fields in Central America, it allows for a tight control on quality plants, from seeding, harvesting, processing of extracts, and manufacturing the finished product. However, as a true blue, petition signing and PETA supporting animal lover, the most important point to me is that they do not experiment on animals, and actually strive to preserve the environment throughout their manufacturing and packaging process. Way to go ATACHE!
The treatment I was lucky enough to try, Lift Therapy is a completely manual treatment that works to stimulate, reactivate and induce our body's own natural firming properties in achieving skin lifting to improve skin firmness and helping to densify skin texture.  

The treatment uses a revolutionary formulation of hyaluronic acid soya isoflavones coupled with a unique and extremely therapeutic firming, lifting massage technique that actually works, to lift up your facial contours and smooth out fine lines around the neck.   

Lift Therapy acts by reactivating and balancing the cellular metabolism and the synthesis of proteins. It moisturizes and reinforces the skin’s capacity to retain water. It also prevents and delays the aging of the cutis and protects and firms the outline of the face helping to reduce wrinkles. 

Would I do this treatment or any ATACHE treatment again? Definitely! My first experience was a huge success and I believe any future treatments offered by ATACHE would be just as effective!