Sunday, 27 March 2016

SHE SAYS@LXG: Botanics Creation my new indulgence!

There is truly nothing more indulgent than a hair spa. In fact, if you feel down in the dumps, got dumped, feel like the world sucks or better yet, if you actually have a genuine hair problem, go to Botanics Creation which is conveniently located on level 3 of Pacific Plaza in Orchard, and you will come out feeling like the world is a great place! 
Because of my eczema, I can't have any facials or massages which is most frustrating, so discovering Botanics Creation was the best thing since sliced bread as far as I was concerned. The salon uses products by Secret Professionnel by PHYTO and since I also use PHYTO products, I knew that the treatment would not further aggravate my already irritable skin. 

After a detailed scalp analysis, my therapist told me that I had a normal scalp, but some follicles were slightly clogged, so off I went into the darkened room to change into a super fluffy robe and enjoy my scalp being massaged, purified and oxygenated, all while my super skilled therapist expertly massaged my arms and shoulders with a soothing blend of essential oil (which I did not react negatively to by the way) all while sipping on a delicious cup of expresso and nibbling on my Italian biscotti...... absolute bliss!

After the treatment, my hair was washed and towel dried and my scalp re-analysed and lo and behold, those few clogged pores were all cleared and my scalp was all healthy and happy! My therapist cum stylist then blow dried my hair and curled it for me, so I would look extra fabulous at my meeting later on. 

I must say that I have had my hair tonged before, and the results have not lasted beyond an hour in Singapore's humidity, but this time, my curls remained bouncy and fabulous the WHOLE DAY! If you would like to try out their spa (and I truly think you should!!) then take advantage of their current promotion toda