Thursday, 4 October 2018

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Joey discovers Essencious - The perfect beauty prescription for her skin

There are thousands of skin care products over the counter, how do we choose the most suitable product for our skin? With the overwhelming skincare options out there which claims & promises perfect skin, we often start to experiment all the different products, a lot of trial & error involved, usually may result in using the wrong product. 

Everybody’s skin is different, so there’s really no such thing as one size fits all skincare solution!

The newly launched essencious gives me the freedom to formulate my personalised unique set of skincare regime specifically for my own skin!

Here’s a simple intro to my personalised essencious 6-step homecare series :

Step 1 - Fermatique One-Step Cleansing Mousse
This is a very gentle lightweight dual-action cleanser which removes my  makeup (even my mascara) conveniently in just one step

Step 2 - Fermatique Brightening Mist
After cleansing, I will use this mist toner to spray on my whole face. It’s very refreshing, hydrates the skin, rebalances skin’s PH & prepares the skin for better absorption of subsequent skincare
Step 3 - Willow Bark Blemish Clear Booster
I love this Serum as it’s formulated to treat oily-combination skin like mine. It helps to control shine & breakout by reducing excess oil secretion, unclogging pores & prevents skin congestion. It’s non-greasy & very easily absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue.

Step 4 - Alpine Herb Shine Control Gel
This is a very lightweight, nongreasy gel specially formulated for oily-combination skin which effectively purifies congested skin & regulates excess sebum production from deep within. 

With essencious, you will be able to formulate your own personalised beauty prescription too! 

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