Wednesday, 16 September 2015

GRABSPEED - The SuperCar Experience.

To add to the Lady's report today of our Supercar experience with GrabTaxi, here's a short video of our smooth ride in their Maserati GranTourismo.

In turbo-charged comfort we escaped the city traffic for a while and drove a couple of circuits along Singapore's open highways.

Yep, I could certainly get used to this...

For more information on how you could get a SUPERCAR ride for yourself, check out GRABTAXI's Facebook Page.


LADY@LXG: To lunch in a Porsche Carrera; Homeward-bound in a Maserati GranTurismo!

Yeah that's our Porsche Carerra waiting to take us for lunch!
As far as I have always been concerned, a car is a car - is a car. 

So long as it gets me from point A to B in one piece, I am good. Point out a car and ask me what model it is and I will tell you its a white / silver / black / champagne coloured car with four-wheels. 

Now point out a Black Forest Gateau and I can wax lyrical about the texture of the cake, the icing and the cherries. Yeah, I know, I am cool like that.... 

But this 'whatever' attitude towards cars would soon come to an end, when I stepped into the cool confines of my Porsche Carrera (okay, so technically it doesn't belong to me, but hey, a girl can dream right?)

Today, we woke up and  decided to go for lunch to Taratata Bistrot in Keong Siak, in a sleek and sexy Porsche Carrera. I mean, why go by taxi, when you can choose a SUPERCAR right?

After booking our SUPERCAR on the GrabTaxi app, a Porsche Carrera, together with a uniformed chauffeur, drove over to pick us up, much to the envious glances (gathered from the twitching curtains) of our neighbours!

So to irritate our neighbours just a bit more, we decided to take a quad-zillion photos of ourselves with the car... yeah we are mature like that too!

Angus beef steak with shallot sauce and lemon tart 

A delightfully decadent meal and many expressos later, we decided to opt for a more spacious Maserati GranTurismo to accommodate our expanded bellies and back to the GrabTaxi app we went and booked our second SUPERCAR. Easy, peasy japaneasy! 

Thanks to GrabTaxi, we at LXG (well some of us, cos they are sports cars after all, and can't accommodate more than two people at the very most) got to ride in two of the seven SUPER CARS roaming the streets of Singapore as a lead up to the upcoming F1. 

It was pretty precious having heads turn as we got out of our Porsche Carrera and sauntered down Keong Siak at the height of lunch hour, like we travel fancy on a daily basis.
Decided to take the Maserati GranTurismo back home

If you would like to enjoy a free ride on one of the seven SUPERCARS courtesy of GrabTaxi, click this link for more information. 

Do hurry cos the free rides on the seven SUPERCARS is only until the 20th of September.

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Ride away in a Porsche Carrera with GrabTaxi

The fleet of 7 Super Cars by GrabTaxi

OMG!! From the 15th- 20th of September, you can ride in one of the seven super cars roaming around the CBD area for absolutely free, all thanks to GrabTaxi!

From the 16th - 17th September, if you are around the CBD area from 11am-12noon and 1pm - 5pm, you can book your FREE SUPER CAR ride on the GrabTaxi app, selecting the GrabSpeed icon in the menu and entering the promo code GrabSpeed. From the 18th to the 20th September, you can grab your free SUPERCAR ride from around the Tanglin, Orchard and City Hall area from 10am - 12noon, 1pm - 6pm and from the F1 area from 8pm -12 midnight. So hurry and download the free GrabTaxi app today!

But do remember, these are sports cars, so they can only accommodate 1 person, so leave your posse at home or get them to book their own supercars!

As the cherry on top the already sweetened icing on the cake, GrabTaxi is also giving a surprise gift to two lucky winners daily, from the 15th-17th September, who manage to book a ride on one of the supercars! 

Have fun and check out our next post about our awesome GrabSpeed experience!