Sunday, 19 November 2017

Lifestyle@LXG: Discovering Sothys latest Youth Cream and Youth Serum.

"According to Sothys, 80% of ageing is said to be caused by the environment, while 20% is purely biological". 

I was recently given a jar of the new Sothys Vitality Youth Cream $139 and the Perfect Shape Youth Serum $189. The objective of the Vitality Youth Cream is to “fix” any skin problem before they get worse. The cream is said to reduce the signs of fatigue while making the features smoother and the skin tone more even, so skin radiates freshness and youthfulness. 

The Perfect Shape Youth Serum, which is enriched with Peptides M3.0 helps boost collagen synthesis to lift up and tighten the skin; improving skin tone and contour. With its anti-fat and anti-water complex, it also eliminates excess fat and smoothes the décolleté. 

The Perfect Shape Youth Serum is said to instantly reshape, redefine, and protect the facial contours with an enveloping texture for a perfect face shape at any age. This particular serum was inspired by the Korean thread lift - a popular aesthetic procedure where surgical threads are inserted under the skin to tighten sagging or slackened areas of the face; and Ultrasound which uses sound energy to remove facial fat to create a more contoured appearance, and potent active ingredients like Peptides M3.0, which boosts collagen synthesis and guarantees an effective and long-lasting dermal structure to lift, tone, and tighten the face. 

There are six Youth Serums in the line; Unifying Youth Serum, Firming Specific Youth Serum, Reconstructive Youth SerumDetoxifying Anti-Free Radical Youth SerumWrinkle-Specific Youth Serum and the Perfect Shape Youth Serum are most beneficial when they are layered over each other to optimise each of their unique abilities. 

The texture of the Perfect Shape Youth Serum is slightly heavy (which I personally prefer) and smells subtle and pleasant. The most important part is the fact that you can actually see and feel your jawline lift and tighten when you apply it. 

The Youth Creams come in five variations; Redensifying Youth Cream, Vitality Youth Cream, Wrinkle Targetting Youth Cream, Firming Youth Cream and the Reconstructing Youth Cream. 

I received the Firming Youth Cream, which has a lovely light texture and scent and melts into the skin easily. Layered over the serum, it leaves the skin looking plump, firm and moisturised and makeup looks flawless when applied over this combo. 

Like all Sothys products, the range does not disappoint and delivers what it promises. 

To find the right Youth Cream and Youth Serum suitable for your skin type and age, visit any Sothys Salon or like their page at 

Sothys skin care products are available exclusively at Sothys salons islandwide. To find out more about the products and to take advantage of their special promotional pricing, click here!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

LADY@LXG: Just discovered the PERFECT lifting treatment for those with a zero tolerance for pain.

Scaredy-cats and those with a zero tolerance for pain can rejoice, cos this here is a treatment that literally has zero discomfort. In fact, its so relaxing, you can enjoy an hour-long nap, while the therapist runs the hand-piece of the Sygmalift, over and over your face, contouring and lifting your cheeks and jawline for 60-minutes, until you wake up, totally refreshed to much tighter, younger and brighter facial features!
So thats me posing away before my treatment

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the treatment actually worked. I started off being a bit skeptical (as one often is), cos if it has no pain, how effective can it really be right? Well I shall be the first to admit that I was wrong, cos the SygmaLift actually does work. 

However, to maintain the results, you do need to go for three sessions, one per week, in order for your face to remain lifted and youthful for a period of between six-months to one-year. The results, like all treatments, depends on your lifestyle and body, so if you have a relatively crappy lifestyle like myself (think insomnia, diet fuelled by junk food, cake and candy), don't expect it to last the whole year. 
The doctor and therapists were all really nice and friendly and super helpful. After bombarding the doctor with a barrage of questions, I was led into a room to have my “before” photos taken. After which my therapist Kristy cleansed the lower part of my face and applied some gel and commenced with the treatment. 

Posing for a quick photo while bombarding the doctor with all my questions

Thirty-minutes later, one side of my face was much higher, my nasolabial folds (those ugly lines that run from your nose down to your mouth on either side of your face) were completely erased, almost like they had been ironed out, and my jawline was so much sharper. 

After letting me admire myself for a while, Kristy then progressed to lift the other side of my face. Once the lifting was complete, she removed the gel, ran a cold laser over the treated area (no feeling of discomfort or anything whatsoever), toned my skin with deliciously scented rose toner, applied some moisturiser and viola, I looked so much younger than when I walked in an hour ago.

No nasolabial fold on the LEFT side of my face
If you notice that your jawline is starting to get a little less defined or your nasolabial folds are looking a little too pronounced or you simply want to give your face a bit of freshening-up and lifting, call Kowayo clinic, which is located at 1 Raffles link 01-03B, 1 Raffles Link (nearest MRT is City Hall) on 6884 4280 to find out more about the treatment. 

Three sessions of SygmaLift, which is actually recommended or the results won't last you more than a month tops, would cost you $2,400 and last for between six months to a year, which if you break it down and do the math, is pretty decent. 

The SygmaLift puts the old adage "no pain, no gain" to complete shame, cos in this case, you get all the gain minus any pain!