Sunday, 27 March 2016

HE SAYS@LXG: He finally gets to experience a hair spa at Botanics Creation


My Botanics Creations Detox Spa Treatment
I’ve been having hair problems for a while now, so when the opportunity came up to try a hair treatment, I thought why not.

Then after a couple of calls I confirmed my time slot for the weekend and all I had to do was wait for it. So on a scorching hot Saturday afternoon I made my way to Pacific Plaza in Orchard to their salon and spa, which is on the 3rd floor. I’ve never really been someone who goes to salons or spas often, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. This was good, because I like surprises. 
So it’s the usual experience at the start. You enter the salon, get greeted at the door and then they assign a consultant to analyse your scalp to identify your problem(s). This is an extremely simple and non-intrusive process where they take you into a small room and ask you a series of questions. Then they do a scalp test using a camera that photographs your scalp to show the problem areas. Apparently I seem to have quite a few problems, but Celine, my consultant, was extremely informative and explained in detail the process and what I could expect.
She recommended an ala carte detox for my scalp, which was apparently oily and damaged by using too many products and terrible genes (thanks Mum…). The detox treatment would reset my scalp and unclog my pores, so I could have a healthier scalp for at least a month or so. For the sake of this post, I asked for the works, so I got the spa scalp detox (S$298 ala carte), which to describe briefly, is awesome. 
BEFORE TREATMENT                            AFTER TREATMENT
There is a non-spa detox, which is only done at the salon and is S$198. It is the same treatment, but without the frills that make this an experience to remember. 
I was led, very willingly, into the spa area to be absolutely pampered. So shirt off, robe on and soft music in the air to create the ambience that I thoroughly enjoyed. In comes Ella, my spa therapist, whose job is to make I have the best experience possible while getting my detox treatment. 
The first thing she did after I settled down into my reclining car, was a simple detox oil rub into my hair and scalp, which cleanses it. Then an oil mask, which frankly was very comfortable, because the moment she finished applying it, she started a relaxing shoulder and neck massage that reminded me of sunny beaches in Thailand. She then placed a steamer on my head to oxygenate my scalp and help set the mask, which took about 10 minutes in total. 
I must admit, I dozed off while my scalp oxygenated. It was just so comfy and gives you the pampered feeling, which we all love, but this post wouldn’t write itself, so I shook myself awake as Ella re-entered the room to start the next stage. Another relaxing massage began, which focused on my shoulders and upper back, so I almost fell asleep again. Note to self; get more sleep at night.
She then led me not 2 metres away to get my head shampooed twice. Yes, it must be done twice. According to both Ella and Celine, the first shampoo helps remove the dirt, chemicals and oil from your scalp. Shampoo number 2 is there to really cleanse and make sure your scalp is refreshed. When I wash my hair, I lather it up and wash it away. This was a head massage, plus shampoo, all rolled into one very comfortable package. 
Hair wash over, I got it dried gently and then time to head into the salon for the blow dry. All the while I get offered coffee, tea or any beverage of my choice. After the blow dry, you’re led back into the consultation room, where Celine came back to show me the before and after. A much cleaner and less oily scalp was presented to me, while I basked in the afterglow of the treatment. It was also eye-opening about how much your scalp can be affected by the hot and humid weather, even if we’re in air-conditioned rooms. Celine was an encyclopedia on hair health, so I soaked in as much as possible to try to make sure I maintained and hopefully improved my scalp and hair health.
Afterwards, she ran me through my options and what Botanic Creations can do for me. They are able to prepare a customized treatment programme that targets and helps combat any scalp or hair issues I may have. This personalized treatment plan ensures that whatever your issue is or if you just want to ensure you don’t have any future issues, they can help you.

So thanks Celine and Ella for possibly the best spa experience of my life. Hopefully I will be seeing you’ll soon and in the meantime I have taken your advice to heart. Hopefully it’ll start showing on my head. 

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