Wednesday, 31 December 2014

LIFESTYLE@LXG: It's Pure Hair Indulgence when Kishani Discovers the Creambath!

The Hair Creambath treatment at Immortelle Atelier was pure bliss for me the exhausted traveller, having spent two days back to back taking in the sights, sounds and shopping of Singapore; you could say I was rather exhausted, when my friend raved about their Hair Creambath, I just had to give it a go (its only $55!!!) and OMG it was a pleasurable moment that allowed me to survive the rest of my holiday! 

John the head stylist started my treatment off by washing my hair with a caviar based shampoo, which smelled ever so good. Btw ever heard of water conservation while shampooing, well i don’t think he used more than three squirts of water on my head to lather the shampoo, quite a fascinating tactic, recommended to all stylists! From there I was treated to a divine head massage while he washed away the shampoo. There after John’s magic hands worked-in a cooling menthol Creambath with a thirty-minute head massage, at the end of which he had to wake me up, that’s how calming it was (thank goodness I managed to snap at least one photo before I nodded off).

I was informed by John that the most effective way to maintain the good health of your hair and scalp was to schedule in a Creambath as often as possible.

I totally swear that if I lived in Singapore, I would have one at least once a week! Fun fact did you know that the scalp determines how great your hair looks!

Note this treatment will definitely leave your hair shiny, healthy and easy to manage and ONLY costs $55!

Post the indulgent massage my hair was wrapped for a few further minutes where the product is allowed to penetrate into the scalp, and then he continued with a relaxing shoulder and neck massage which was performed while the treatment took effect. OMG this was amaaaazing! The man has magical hands or something. He kneaded away all my stress and knots and left me wobbly as a Jello!

While my scalp was being pampered, my tired from shopping hands were being moisturized and massaged and then they were put into a pair of gloves filled Maria Galland Cocoon mask and left to absorb for about ten minutes and then washed off, leaving me with baby-soft hands!

After about forty minutes of the cooling mint Creambath that had been absorbed into my tired head my hair was rinsed and conditioned with a Caviar conditioner, where again i was spoilt with a short but ever so loved massage, after which my hair was blown and styled into a swishy do that left me looking and smelling so awesome!

The Cream Bath at Immortelle Atelier is a definite cost effective spoiler for anyone looking for some timeout in the hustle and bustle of Singapore holiday.

Priced between S$55 and S$60 it is affordable and definitely a highlight of my holiday. I love you Immortelle Atelier and will be back again soon!