Thursday, 30 August 2012

WELLNESS@LXG: Jyunka M+ Fluid - Miracle Skin Care?

For regular readers of this blog, you'll know that I have been undertaking something of a journey of discovery with regards to facial treatments for the modern man...

Where once there was a mere soap-and-water kinda guy, now stands a man who appreciates and adheres to a regular facial treatment regime. Man thought it couldn't be done, but here I stand; living proof that even the most stubborn Neanderthal can become a member of modern well-groomed society.

But after having undertaken my first facial treatment and my first facial peel, there was one other step that had to be taken to complete my initiation.

And it was to be Keefe Chie, Marketing Director and Trainer at Jyunka International, who would introduce me to a rather special product. Having previously undertaken the facial peel, using Jyunka's Epidermal Treatment Kit, Keefe was keen to find out if the texture and quality of my facial skin had improved. So I arranged to have a consultation with him.
Jyunka product range at Phoenix La Beaute
I found myself in the familiar surroundings of Phoenix La Beaute at Palais Renaissance once again, where my journey of dermal discovery had initially begun.
Phoenix La Beaute
After having met Keefe and settled down in one of the comfortable treatment rooms, my face was placed under close scrutiny. Although still a little uncomfortable with the idea of having someone that close to my face, Keefe was quick to put me at ease and soon went about picking out areas of my face that were obviously prone to dehydration and sun damage. Old scars and blemishes were also zoned in for treatment.

And this was when Keefe unveiled his secret weapon - JYUNKA M+ Fluid.

Now my better half had previously sung the praises of this 'Miracle Fluid, and of course I was initially dubious as to its healing effects. But on reading further about its properties, I realized that there was some heavy science behind its composition.

You see I'm a sucker for science, and it wasn't long before I was researching the patented 'QuSome Technology' that powers the M+ Fluid's restorative attributes. Very, very interesting...

According to the published research, QuSomes are a delivery system of anti-aging skin care ingredients. Minuscule and multi-layered, the theory is that QuSomes more effectively penetrate the skin, delivering nutrients and beneficial ingredients to deeper layers than is possible with other products.

A QuSome is a microscopic bubble layered with different types of ingredients designed to benefit the skin. As the products are applied to the skin, the layers are absorbed one at a time. QuSomes alternate layers of water soluble ingredients with fat soluble ingredients, on the theory that each layer will target a different layer of the skin, designed to deliver nutrients ever deeper. As one layer of these QuSomes is absorbed, it exposes and makes way for the next, allowing the appropriate ingredients to each reach the layer of the skin where they would be most effective.

This diagram explains the delivery system of QuSomes and how they differ from ordinary skincare products:
Okay, so there was enough there for me to become intrigued, and so when I got the offer to experience M+ Fluid firsthand, I was ready, willing and able...

Keefe explained to me that the QuSomes are able to deliver Vitamin C in its purest form, directly into the dermis of the skin. Pure Vitamin C is well known to counteract the causes of skin's blemishes, acne, pores, wrinkles, and sagging - but it is extremely unstable and rapidly deteriorates if left exposed to the air. But the new technology used in Miracle + enables deep penetration inside the skin.

After cleansing my face, Keefe applied the fluid - just about three drops massaged across the contours of my face and neck. There is no greasy feeling or residue - the liquid simply absorbs into the skin. Keefe also advised further topical application to darker spots or blemishes.

And this is when the really interesting stuff happened: Keefe had me sat in front of a mirror, so I could see any visible effects taking place. And within minutes of the application, I could actually see a  change... Most obvious were my cheeks - they seemed to have been given an instant lift; like a filler without the needles! The skin had firmed up, with a visible glow.

A subtle lightening of dark blemishes could also be seen. Really quite amazing - and all within 20 minutes.

Keefe explained that the change taking place was due to the facial contour being lifted at the muscular level, leaving the skin firmer and more toned. Long term usage is said to lead to increased skin cell production, followed by increased collagen and elastin production at the dermis level - which basically means, overall skin rejuvenation.

After seeing it with my own eyes, I was convinced enough to sign on for a long term trial. I mean, if it takes just minutes to see a visible improvement in the texture of my skin, think what regular use over, say three months, could achieve?

So I'll be carrying on with my M+ Fluid usage - and I'll blog again in about three months with some photo comparisons, to see what further changes have taken place,and if the product actually retains its effectiveness.

But so far, I am well and truly impressed...   

Jyunka M+ is priced at SGD 344.00 (inclusive of GST) for 30 ML and is available at :
Phoenix La Beaute : Palais Renaissance #B1-07. Tel: 6733 4556


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