Monday, 18 June 2012

LADY@LXG: A Favourite Facial

As a former full time beauty editor and current freelance beauty writer, The Lady has spent almost a decade trying, testing and immersing herself in a variety of beauty products, procedures and treatments, which is why we have created a guest spot here at LXG for her to share her take on the wonderful but confusing world of beauty!

Any advice we can find about how to treat that special lady in our lives, is advice well received, so who better to turn to than someone who really understands what they want?

So for the time being, its out with the guys... Now its Lady to Lady...

A Much Needed Thirst Quencher for Parched and Dull Skin:

Ladies, what makes one facial stand out from the rest? The products used certainly make a difference and so does the ambiance of the spa, the deal breaker for me though, is the passion and skill of the facialist.

As a beauty editor and writer, and now of course, contributing beauty and fashion blogger, I have spent a good part of a decade lying prone on a multitude of narrow spa beds, having my face kneaded, squeezed, poked and stroked, so I think I am a fair judge of what makes a facial worth trying.

I have a few facials that I will review, which I could recommend to all of you out there. And today in particular, I’d like to share with you my experiences at Angelface Aesthetics, one of Sothys’ Contract Salons: 

Due to a terrible diet and some unhealthy lifestyle habits (I don’t sleep much, I eat far too much chocolate and drink way more coffee than is healthy), my skin is dehydrated internally but oily on the outside and prone to congestion and breakouts. I have tried multiple products and treatments (yes, I know it would help if I just changed my lifestyle habits, but...) however most left my skin only temporarily hydrated and comforted.

When Jasmine from Sothys’ invited me over to try their new Hydradvance™ Cosmeceutic Programme, I jumped at the opportunity for a bit of a treat and mid-afternoon nap - mainly because I am a fan of Sothys’ products and have had a really good experience at Angel Face Salon in the past.

To understand my excitement, its important to comprehend what exactly sets this treatment apart from others. Inspired by genetic studies, Sothys’ advance research in cosmetogenomics (the science of genes - applied to cosmetic science) created their patented 1055 Boletus Extract, derived from a particular mushroom species called the Boletus edulis, which triggers genes to restore the skin’s ability to rehydrate itself. This seemed like a treatment made specifically for me, with my less than ideal lifestyle and dietary habits!  

Angelface Aesthetics is tucked away in one of Singapore’s busy heartland shopping districts, the Tanjong Pagar Plaza, which conveniently is just a short walk away from the local MRT train station. What I personally like about the salon, is that the staff are genuinely lovely, welcoming and friendly. The tea they serve is different every day and is brewed in-house. While I waited for my appointment, I managed to skim through some current glossies while sipping away at their refreshing brew.

My facialist was very professional and a veritable fountain of knowledge; she even remembered me from my last visit and tutted that I had yet to take her advice of sleeping more than a few hours a night... 

Phase 1: Exfoliate
After removing make-up, Hydra-exfoliating Scrub is applied to the entire face and neck to remove impurities and restore suppleness.

Phase 2: Rehydrate
To rehydrate the skin after the exfoliation, Hydra-revealer Coin Mask is soaked in Ultra Hydration Nectar before being applied onto the face. It envelopes the skin in a veil of softness while my facialist conducted a deep smoothing massage movement on all the meridian points of my face.

Phase 3: Regenerate
With the Hydra-generating Modelling Cream, my facialist used her amazingly skilled hands to massage the product which would strengthen my skin’s barrier function while restoring comfort and revitalizing my skin.

Phase 4: Plump
After the soothing massage, the Ultra Hydration Mask mixed with the Ultra Hydration Nectar was applied to my face and neck to provide a “patch” effect which left my skin supple, radiant and regenerated.

Phase 5: Rebalance
Hydradvance™ Intensive Hydrating Serum & Cream was then applied to my face and neck, providing a healthy radiance and glow to my skin.

To be quite honest, with the hours most of us keep trying to make a living and also squeezing in some personal “me” time, dehydrated skin is one of the most common skin problem faced by many people today, regardless of age and skin type. Because dehydration results in premature aging, wrinkles, dull skin, pigmentation, sensitize skin, skin congestions, etc, it is crucial to make time to treat your skin in order to hold back, as far as humanly possible, the hands of time.

If you would like to try Sothys’ Hydradvance™ Cosmeceutic Treatment, do contact any of Sothys’ Contract Salons and Sothys’ Dealer Salons.

I would however, personally recommend Angelface Aesthetics at 1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-48, Tel: 6221 3723.

They have two branches, one in Raffles Place and one in Tanjong Pagar. I have been to both and the service is fantastic, whichever one you choose.

That's it from me this week. Ladies, I hope this gives you some food for thought - and gentlemen, how about treating the Lady in your life, to one of these treatments. I guarantee that neither her - or you, will regret it!

'Til next time...

The Lady

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