Tuesday, 12 June 2012


In this day and age, you can't avoid becoming part of the Rat Race. You can choose to be a willing participant or not - but either way, you're in it for the long run...

Unfortunately a 5-day-a-week, 9-to-5 schedule is going to eventually lead to wear and tear in some form or another - no matter how well you look after yourself.

So now and again, its nice for even the most resilient of us to take a break and impart some care and attention to our weary muscles and bones...

There's no shame these days in borrowing a page or two out of our better-half's books and using the odd therapeutic remedy to ease the discomfort brought on by stress and fatigue.

Okay so most of us reach for the good old Medicated Balm to bring about some relief. But even the most effective balm is hardly a delight to the senses - watering the eyes, overpowering the nose and often leaving behind a greasy slick on the skin. And all thoughts of hot dates and romantic evenings out will be shattered as long as you are wandering around reeking like a chemical factory.

Which is why I am suggesting this very effective Warming Massage Oil from Kneipp...     

...Warming Massage Oil with Arnica and Ginger to be exact. Fortified with the active ingredients of the Arnica Blossom, Ginger and Almond Oil, the oil provides a warming and moisturizing sensation: Ginger creates warming and soothing effects on the skin; and Almond Oil, known for its high content of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E, helps regulate the skin's natural hydration.

But the special ingredient here is Arnica - a flower with some surprisingly potent effects. Arnica montana, found on mountainsides at 2,500-5,000 feet, has been revered for centuries for its miraculous benefits on sprains, bruises and wounds. In fact Kneipp's founder, Sebastian Kneipp held the plant in very high regard, often stating that, “Gold could not buy Arnica…”

After having recently used the massage oil during a long overseas flight, I can now appreciate the rich praise. I always have problems on long-haul flights - plane seats and foot-rests were never designed for anyone over 6ft in height, and after the 6 hour mark, I invariably begin to wish I could cut my damn legs off...

But this time a little birdy told me to use the oil on my legs - so just before I started getting restless on the plane, I rubbed a palm-full on my feet, forelegs and knee joints. The oil spreads and absorbs easily - and there's no residue left on the skin. The fragrance of ginger is pleasant and there is actually a warming sensation that quickly takes effect.

So the Warming Massage Oil actually does what it says on the container; I wouldn't give it a thumbs-up if it didn't.  My legs felt like they had been treated to a soothing massage, and the rest of my flight was stress-free.

Of course if you're more athletic than me and work out regularly or indulge in sports, then this Arnica-based concoction can really be put to work in an intensive, post-exercise massage - easing sore muscles, joints and ligaments.

But don't just take my word for it...


For all our readers in Singapore, I've got 3 top prizes worth $58.80 each comprising of a Set of Warming Massage Oil with Arnica and Ginger and Warming Foot Balm with Cardamom and Ginger from those nice people at Kneipp.  

All you've got to do, is to Like the Kneipp Facebook Page, and then tell us here at the LXG, why you feel you deserve one of these Oil and Balm Sets. 

Our Winners will be announced on the 19th June. But even if you're not one of our winners, we will also have 10 consolation prizes worth $20 each, up for grabs.

Good Health!
Mr. C.