Saturday, 23 June 2012


Finally, a solution for stubby lashes? Listen up ladies, I may have just found the ultimate eyelash booster: 

Talika Lipocils & Black:

It's ironic that not only do men not get cellulite, they also usually have thicker, lush and often naturally curled lashes that could rival Bambi. Sadly, being Oriental, my eye lashes are short and unimpressive. Curling and applying mascara doesn’t do much to make my eyes stand out and wearing falsies which I have tried many a time to master, is yet another skill set that I am not about to ace. It irks me that unlike any of my beauty writer friends who can effortlessly pop their falsies on while traveling in a taxi without the aid of a mirror, I am all thumbs when it comes to trying to paste them on.

So when Talika relaunched and repackaged their revolutionary product Lipocils in 1994 (in the tube and wand type package we are all familiar with), which would soon cause quite a stir amongst the eyelash-challenged, I was skeptical that my stubby little lashes could indeed grow longer and lush simply by applying the product religiously twice a day.

But being the beauty junkie that I was, I naturally had to give it a go. The results had me eating humble pie, when my lashes did indeed lengthen as promised. They were still far from being Bambi-esque, but they had most definitely improved and with a coating of mascara, they even looked half decent!

Sadly, after my lashes flourished, I became cocky and slacked with the routine - and of course, after a short time, my stubby lashes came back with a vengeance.

In May this year, Talika launched Lipocils & Black, a dual-wand tube that has lipocils on one end and mascara on the other. Its slim enough to slip into your bag and handy as its a treatment and makeup all in one tube. I was very excited to try this product out as I know from experience that it will most certainly make my lashes lush and long, and the newly added mascara is a fantastic idea!

It will take 28 days to see improved growth and thickness. Its only been a couple of days since I started using the product, but I do have confidence that it will work - hurray for not having to battle with falsies anymore! And for not getting my lashes coated in icky eye lash glue and having them fall out in clumps!

The Lady

Lipocils & Black by Talika retails at SGD 69.00

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