Saturday, 11 August 2012

MENTOR@LXG: Back in the Dating Game

We here at the LXG are always happy to lend some constructive words of advice to any of our fellow gentlemen out there. Whatever the issue, dilemma or query - we are here to help.

So let's kick off with a situation that quite a few gentlemen are finding themselves in these days. This query will surely resonate with many:
Q: I'm going out on the town for the first time in years. My work life has taken over for so long that I've completely neglected the personal side of things. Anyway, what should a guy in his late-30's wear on a date with a very attractive and fashionable lady in her mid-20's? And of course, how do I avoid making a nervous and awkward fool of myself?
LXG: It's not usually about the person you're with, but rather where you are going. But we can understand your concerns... could you be in danger of looking like her uncle, or worse still - her father? Well, you can't go wrong with a slim dark suit and a fine white shirt. If you're worried about looking geriatric, hold the tie. And use a fine fragrance - but don't drench yourself in it. Just a few dabs. Subtlety is the key here. You may be shaking inside, but an outwardly relaxed air of confidence will also put her at ease...  

Nervous people often talk too much, so be wary of too much chatter. Be respectful of her and listen (even if you are not interested in what she says, be polite and courteous). And don’t talk about your EX... If she asks you questions about your ex then gracefully sidestep the question without too much criticism or complaints!

Turn your cell phone off and put it away. You simply have to put your work life away this evening. Make the effort to give your date your full attention. Checking your phone every few minutes for messages is the height of rudeness!

Don’t order more than a couple of drinks and don’t get drunk. It’s not impressive to your date. Drunk people often talk too much and too loud!

And yes, you are paying the bill. You're not going halves, you're not going Dutch. You are paying the bill. All of it...


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