Tuesday, 7 August 2012

LADY@LXG: The Battle against Cellulite Never Stops...

Bath time for me is all about pampering and luxuriating in the scent and feel of my bath products, which is why, I am quite picky with the toiletries that I use.

I am personally a huge fan of Kneipp, so when they sent me this range of products, I was ecstatic. I heard that their Grape Seed range helps to strengthen the structure of the skin and this in turn helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Unfortunately, after years of consuming food without any consideration for what would happen when my metabolism slowed down, I have quite a bit of dimpling in areas that shouldn’t be dimpling, so the chance to lessen this was all the more appreciated. 
The fine massage particles in the Kneipp Grape Seed Oil Exfoliating Body Scrub with Jojoba wax helps stimulate circulation while removing dead skin cells. The scrub smells lovely and is a pleasure to slather on and rub. Exfoliating our skin, be it on the body or face helps to ensure that the products we apply are better absorbed, so the next time you don’t get the results you expected from your skin care, remember to exfoliate, as you probably have a build up of keratin.  The Body scrub is priced at $21.90 for a 200ML tube.
Kneipp Grape Seed Body Massage Oil contains 15% of pure Grape Seed oil and other precious nourishing oils with vitamins A & E. If you have a personal masseuse or have a package at a salon for body treatments, take this oil along with you. This way, you ensure that the products used on your body are good for you, while at the same time giving your cellulite a bit of a pummeling. When I am not carting this along to the beauty salon, I use it after a bath in the night as a body moisturizer. The scent of grape seed is lovely and the whole room smells gorgeous and I wake up the next morning with hydrated and firmer looking skin. The massage oils is priced at $28.90 for a 100ML bottle
The Kneipp Grape Seed Oil Intensive Cream has 21% pure grape seed oil, which is particularly rich in vitamins A and E, Shea Butter, Panthenol and other nourishing oils, which helps keep sin hydrated while improving skin tone and elasticity. The product smells so lovely in fact that I was actually complimented on the scent I was using, which was actually the grape seed cream. This product is priced at $39.90 for a 200ML tube.

Kneipp® Herbal Teas are naturally caffeine-free and contain no artificial colouring, aromas or flavouring, just pure, natural ingredients. Cranberry (Cleansing Herbal Tea) - with blackcurrant  - this delicious and fruity tea actually contains pieces of cranberry. The tea is has a mild sweetness and is pleasant enough to drink unsweetened, although if you do have a bit of a sweet-tooth a little honey would add to its flavour. Cranberries are well-known for their effectiveness in maintaining a healthy bladder and urinary tract and I personally love the taste of this tea. If you enjoy rose-hip or fruit teas or enjoy eating cranberries, you will definitely love this tea. This tea is priced at $9.90 for 15 tea bags. 


LXG is giving away a set of Limited Edition KNEIPP products not available in Singapore. Each set is priced at $80! 
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