Sunday, 10 August 2014

LADY@LXG: Mum's Radiesse and Botox makeover at EHA Clinic

“I once laughed at the vanity of women of thirty or forty who whitened their ruddy old skin with lead, but now I know such salves are not disguises for old crones who wish to catch a young husband. Instead they are only a mask we wear so that we can, for a little while, still recognize ourselves.”                            - Rebecca Johns, The Countess

Last year, as a surprise birthday gift to my mother, I treated her to some much needed facial fillers. You can read more about it here: Mum's Birthday treat with Radiesse. Although she is in her mid 60's, my mother (unlike me) has really lovely fair and relatively flawless skin. After much nagging, she is now even taking collagen supplements, which has greatly improved the texture of her skin, but age, neglect, gravity and genetics has left her with sagging jowls, pigmentation and wrinkles, which I felt compelled to eradicate with the help of modern aesthetic medicine.
Because she was really comfortable after her first filler experience last year with Dr. Tam from EHA Clinic, I decided to schedule her next session there as well. Personally, I think its important to find a doctor you like and trust and then stick to them. That way, they know your medical history and concerns and can help recommend treatments that suit you.
facial filler_radiesse_antiaging

Filler_botox_wrinkles-Nasolabial folds
Immediately after the injections of filler and botox, my mum's skin looked noticeably smoother. Her crows feet and deep forehead wrinkles were instantly a thing of the past, while her marionette lines, which are normally quite prominent, were also greatly reduced. Based on her experience from her last filler (a little over a year ago) she said that her skin and face looked its best, around three-months after the injections. Thats because, thats around the time when Radiesse stimulates the body to create its own collagen.

After the procedure, she experienced slight bruising and swelling around the injection sites and mild discomfort once the effects of the numbing cream wore off. But the discomfort only lasted the first day. The treatment she said was mostly painless and all she had was topical numbing cream, so I am quite impressed. I think it has a lot to do with the doctor's skill, as I have heard horror stories of painful fillers from my friends, which is why I was careful about finding the right doctor and clinic for my mum.

The photos below are of my mum directly after the treatment. EHA clinic

If you would like to treat yourself or someone you love, do give Dr. Elias Tam at EHA Clinic a call. The doctor and his staff are very down to earth and helpful. Because it was our first experience with Botox, we had many questions and the doctor was very helpful and patient. We paid $400 for the botox and $1,500 for the Radiesse filler. The effects vary on each individual, but on average Radiesse can last up to a year, while botox will need to be touched up after around four to six months. For more information, call EHA Clinic on 6235 3325 or visit them at #15-01 Shaw Centre (Orchard). 

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