Sunday, 13 April 2014

STYLE@LXG: Spike it the way you like it with Stage Works Spiky Booster

This April Shiseido Professional launched its new hairstyling product SPIKYBOOSTER from its styling line STAGE WORKS, a line specifically developed for salon stylists and fashion and beauty-conscious women.  

The perfect tool for creating hairstyles without compromising on the lightweight feel of clean hair, SPIKY BOOSTER works by taking advantage of the technologies and ingredients available only from STAGE WORKS, so that it can satisfy even male customers with short hair (that would be us at LXG). One of this new styling product’s attractions is its outstanding wearability that makes it possible to keep the created hairstyle all day long. 

In order to achieve the most powerful hair-setting capability, Spiky Booster has been formulated with a high concentration of finely granulated wax. In fact, it contains the largest amounts of wax ingredients among all the STAGE WORKS products, while still managing to have a readily spreadable, easy-to-use texture that does not stiffen. 

Formulated with volume-making powder in addition to wax ingredients, its hair-setting capability has been enhanced without the sticky feel that we usually expect from most wax based products!

Another big selling point to the product (in our opinion as wax using short haired men) is its Humidity Control Polymer which prevents our hairstyle from going flat when faced with high levels of humidity or water, a definite issue we face here in humid and monsoonal Singapore!

Spiky Booster retails here in Singapore at $30

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