Friday, 13 July 2012

MUSIC@LXG: Jay-Z_Live at Carnegie Hall

No matter what your opinion of the man, Jay-Z has staked a claim in the modern music industry. A rapper who has crossed musical borders, broken through genres, and instigated some really inspired collaborations.

He's on top of the world, and underlined his domination by performing live in one of the planet's most prestigious concert venues...

Just a decade or so ago, who would have thought that a rapper would be selling out the former home of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. It certainly is a sign of the times.

There are many highlights in the March 2012 concert, with Jay-Z backed up not just by his band and DJs, but an entire orchestra as well. (Most ironic of all, the track "U Don't Know", a rap about selling cocaine - performed in this most hallowed of establishments!)

In this clip, Jay-Z opens the entire show with all guns blazing; Public Service Announcement:

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