Thursday, 12 July 2012

LADY@LXG: Answer to a Good Night's Sleep!

Finally, a cure for insomnia that actually works!

The worst thing about not being able to sleep, apart from the mind numbing tiredness that assails you the next day, is the swollen, slitty eyes that makes you look like you've been through a bit of a cry-a-thon - which of course is tremendously unattractive, and something that no amount of touch eclat can conceal.

My battle with insomnia has had me installing black-out-blinds to block out any and every bit of light, an eye mask that made my skin itch, (so that ended quite fast), and drowsy inducing anti-histamines as well as melatonin pills - but they all left my mind in a fog the next day, although my eyes did look less puffy, which is always a plus. But trying to sound semi-intelligent while conducting an interview or writing an article was near impossible with a befuddled brain, so I had to find a more realistic solution before I burst!
When I was at the very end of my tether, the lovely people at Kneipp sent me their Valerian and Hops Herbal Bath and Goodnight Tea. Pushing all skepticism aside, I brewed myself a cup while I soaked in a tub of warm scented blue water (Kneipp uses food colouring in their baths to give users a sensory experience). 

I don’t think I have slept so soundly and for so long in a very long time and it was absolute bliss. I even woke up the next morning without the aid of the alarm, bright and ready to face the day's chores! (a rare occurrence indeed)

I now make it a nightly routine to drink a cup of Kneipp’s Goodnight Tea close to bed time (not too close though, as you will be interrupting your sleep emptying your bladder) and soaking my legs in the bath oil when I am too lazy to go the whole hog. So far, I have managed to clock at least seven hours a night or even eight on a good night when the cat doesn’t take it upon himself to blow his fishy breath into my face at dawn.

If you suffer from sleep issues or anxiety, give Kneipp’s Good Night tea and Valerian and Hops Herbal Bath a go. It worked for me and I believe it will work for you.

(Open to readers in Singapore only)

I am giving away 3 sets of Valerian and Hops Herbal Bath and Goodnight Tea, worth S$34.50 each.

If you would like to win this set:

- Tell me why (please include your name, so I can announce it should you win)
- Share this post on your FB page
- And join Kneipp fan page to show your support, after all, the lovely people at Kneipp have been kind enough to sponsor these three gifts!

Winners will be drawn next Friday 20th July.


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  1. I am not sure about spending time soaking in the tub before hitting the sack but I would definitely love a cup of tea to calm my nerves and enjoy a peaceful sleep :)

    Shared on fb:

    Tan Janette

    1. Hi Janette, this tea is a real life saver as I honestly have trouble sleeping, plus I am also quite a light sleeper, so the slightest sound wakes me up. When I drink this tea, usually about 1/2 hour before bedtime, I sleep deeper and wake up feeling rested even if I haven't clocked in my eight hours!! Fingers crossed and good luck!!

  2. Hi All, I haven't forgotten to draw my winners ;)

    Stay tuned, will be announcing them before the end of the month.