Thursday, 23 August 2012


As a recently converted/evolved caveman, I am still new to the whole skincare regime that many women and metrosexual men take for granted... So when the good people of Jyunka recently gave me a sample of their Peel Kit with instructions to start having a “peel” done every week to keep my skin in optimal condition -  I was initially at a lost to how to go about using it.

Thankfully, having a partner who used to be an editor for a beauty magazine helps. After promising to share my Peel Kit (yes there is always a price to be paid), she explained that unless I exfoliated my skin weekly, it would lead to a build up of dead skin which would leave my face looking dull and congested. Because the peel would treat my superficial epidermal layer and stimulate regenerative cells, it would leave me looking younger and more attractive. When I still looked a bit confused, she summarized it all by saying that unless I used the peel, I would look like something the cat dragged in, and she would have no choice but to leave me for a metrosexual, So with that kindly cleared up, use the peel I will.  

In my first review of Jyunka’s M+ Fluid, which I use religiously together with my usual skin care products, Keefe, the trainer for Jyunka, applied the Jyunka Peel onto my skin after thoroughly and gentle cleansing it. 
Being a typical guy and only recently having learned that exfoliation is necessary or else your partner leaves you, I was quite nervous about using the peel on myself without an expert to guide me. ( I was recently spoiled rotten by a fantastic therapist during my first ever facial treatment). Luckily, the good lady was at hand and quite roughly (I must add), scrubbed my face clean and rubbed in the peel cream. After four minutes (you can leave on for between 1-5 minutes, but must not exceed five minutes) she very roughly cleaned it with cotton pads soaked in the Epidermal Lotion and then sent me off to wash my face.

During the peel, my skin felt a slight biting sensation which was very bearable and far less traumatic than the good lady’s rough facial cleansing (how I yearned for the gentle hands of the therapists at Phoenix La Beaute). After the peel was cleaned away and my skin neutralized, my face immediately looked clearer, lighter and matte but not dry. I was in fact rather pleased. 

The Peel Kit is very simple to use and shows immediate results. I would recommend using it before an important date or meeting, as your skin will look refreshed and brighter. 

If you have PIGMENTED SKIN - Apply the peel on spot locations three times a week. 
If you suffer from congested skin and and have BLACK HEADS - Apply it for three consecutive days on the problem area, after which you can apply it one to two times weekly.
If you have DULL SKIN  - Apply the peel on your whole face weekly (avoiding the eye area and lips).

The Jyunka Epidermal Peel Kit retails at SGD119 and is available at Phoenix La Beaute at Palais Renaissance #B1-07. Tel. 6733 4556.


Jyunka has kindly sponsored an Epidermal Peel Kit, for one lucky reader worth SGD119.

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