Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Attention: Leklekwee Da Zhi, Chan Zorana, and Terng Shing Chen: 

Congratulations! You have been chosen as the 3 top winners of the Kneipp Herbal Body Wash Trio Sets.
 Attention: Cathy Wong, Stephen Tan, Png Wan Yu, Irene Soh, Fran Seow, Tin Rodriguez, Sheryl Chan, and Kuhan KC: 

Congratulations! You have all won the runner-up prize of a Kneipp Herbal Body Wash each.

All you have to do is to message us your name, IC number and Mobile Number. We will then pass your details onto the Kneipp representative at the Paragon, so you can arrange a time and date to pick up your prize.

Congratulations again - and please let us know how the products worked for you!

The LXGers.

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