Monday, 25 June 2012

MUSIC@LXG: Tricky_Evolution Revolution Love

There is no-one that quite compares with Tricky. Originating in the incredibly diverse, beats-orientated Bristol scene of the 1990's, Tricky was instrumental in shaping the sound and vision of seminal trip-hoppers, Massive Attack...

But he soon veered away onto his own solo journey through the realms of trip-hop, rap, electronica, punk, and even heavy metal - mashing it all up into a unique catalogue of tracks that feature his distinct, spliff-laden growl, partnered with the angelic tones of his once partner-in-crime, Marina Topley Bird.

He has undertaken some incredible collaborations with artists from all sorts of different music genres - and has always been respected for doing things his own way, without ever comprising for commercial success.

Here is the Man in epic action with Ed Kowalczyk (of Live), and rapper Hawkman:

More power to the Tricky Kid!