Monday, 14 December 2015

LADY@LXG: Is in love with Pureessentiel!

"Aromatherapy can help address the physical and emotional causes of pain"

I am a huge, huge fan of all things aromatherapy for a myriad of reasons, from personal to health. In fact, I even use pure essential oils (tea tree, lavender and peppermint - in case you were interested) to clean my house, as its non toxic and leaves the house smelling so lovely and the soothing lavender oil helps keep my hyper pup less crazy. 

At the media launch recently, we were given three products out of their comprehensive range to try: 

My favourite is the PURESSENTIEL PURIFYING Air Spray with 41 essential oils and  I was so excited to try it out that I started spritzing it around my house the moment I got home. Apart from the fact that it smells absolutely divine, it has helped  control my asthma and sinus from flaring up. So much so that I spray around the four corners of the room every night. 

The spray is said to get rid of bacteria, viruses, microscopic fungi and unpleasant odours. It also limits the sources of allergies, ensuring you breathe in purer air. With 41 essential oils and bio-alcohol, this product is 100% natural and free of cancer causing synthetic perfume (seriously, synthetic scents are bad- google it if you don't believe me). 

The Purifying Air Spray retails at $49.90 for 200 ML.
Something I can’t live without and use every night is the PURESSENTIEL MUSCLES & JOINTS Roller with 14 essential oils Ok so those of you who read my rants know that I have sensitive skin and am currently having an awful outbreak of eczema, which basically means that I can’t use almost anything. In fact, right now, I am even restricted from eating anything, which sucks with it being Christmas and all. The only benefit of restricting my chocolate and cake is the fact that I might actually lose some of that weight I have piled on. What I really like about this roller is that its tolerance tested, which essentially means that I can use it without my skin to breaking out in a rash. Its non photo-sensitizing, non photo-irritating, dye-and preservative-free, with no artificial fragrance and no mineral oils. The best part is that it smells so nice (not old-lady like at all) so much so that you can wear it when you go out (yeah its that nice!) and it works almost immediately, nixing pain upon contact almost. The Muscle and Joints Roller retails at $33.90.

PURESSENTIEL MUSCLES & JOINTS Soothing Balm + 14 essential oils This little pot of happiness is suitable for more intense pain and just like the roll-on, it smells really nice and botanical and will not leave you smelling like your granny, which means you can use it anytime you need it, even when you are going out. 

The velvety balm helps relax muscle tensions with its 14 essential oils. Its also 100% natural, 100% pure and 100% active, has no colouring, mineral oils or preservatives and retails at $26.90. 

The PUREESSENTIEL range is available exclusively at BEAUTY BY NATURE stores islandwide.

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