Sunday, 25 October 2015

LADY@LXG: Blasting my fat cells with LIPOSONIX

Ok so while I wouldn't call myself fat, neither am I as skinny as I once was. A girl's got to face the fact that once she turns 30, everything she eats starts to miraculously turn up in inappropriate areas, like her tummy, arms or thighs. Unfortunately, I am not one of those lucky girls whose excess fat ends up in her boobs. Sadly, my boobs have decided to remain their original size, refusing to increase even by a centimetre (curse you bad genes!).

Anyway, as I was saying, while I may not be exactly fat, I am still very unhappy with certain bits on my body. I mean if we are totally honest, no matter how skinny we are, there are going to be bits that we don't love. After all, we are only human and we can't help being influenced by the media and pictures of very hungry looking models looking amazing in over-priced clothes. 

After a VERY long time of hating my love handles and lower belly, I finally decided to do something about it. Working out was not really doing much, especially as I had a weakness for all things edible. So after much thought, I decided to speak to Dr. Elias Tam of EHA Clinic about my problem. Dr. Tam has treated my mother previously and I trusted him implicitly to give me the right advice regarding my love-handles. 

Finding the right doctor, someone whom you can trust with your health and physical appearance is crucial. I know lots of people shop around for the cheapest clinic. I would seriously advise against this, simply because as the old adage goes "if you pay peanuts, you are going to get monkeys" and I don't think I want a bunch of monkeys messing with my face or body. I like Dr. Tam because he doesn't try to sell me anything. Instead he listens to what I have to say and then advises me on what treatment options are available. He is also very honest and I trust him, which is why I decided to go back to him for my treatment.

After photographing me from every angle and ensuring that I actually had enough fat in my problem areas to treat, Dr. Tam gave me the okay and I was good to go! I was so excited because I would finally be able to get rid of my muffin top! 

After taking a couple of painkillers, the nurses prepped me and the treatment began. I must say that because I only had just enough fat to qualify for the treatment, it was quite painful. Its quite ironic that the more fat that you have, the less pain you will experience. So anyway, certain areas were quite painful and I had to grit my teeth and stop myself from asking them to stop, because if I could just bear with the pain for the duration, in three months, I would lose 1-inch from my love-handles. Thats enough of a motivation to grin and bear with it I reckon. I am also so thankful that Dr.Tam chatted with me about everything under the sun, because it helped distract me from the pain, so thank you doctor, you rock! 

Its only been 1 month since I had my treatment and I can see so much improvement, and this is even though I have been snacking uncontrollably and have even gained 2 kilos, so I am quite impressed. 

If you have fat and wobbly bits that no amount of exercise and diet can help improve, I would really suggest you give Liposonix a try. 

For the month of October (2015), Liposonix is priced at $200 for a minimum of 5 squares. Simply call EHA Clinic on 6235 3325 for more details. For invaluable beauty and skin care tips, like their Facebook page.