Thursday, 6 August 2015

LADY@LXG: Loving the world's first facial epilator by BRAUN!

How is it that women with moustaches are able to convince themselves that the the thick carpet of hair on their upper-lip is not really that noticeable? 
I have actually had hair-pullingly frustrating conversations with highly educated women in high powered careers, who have convinced themselves that they either do not have a moustache - its simply a case of shadows caused by their nose or the direction of the

sun or light source (I kid you not) or, that the hair on their upper lip is so delicate and fine, that its barely noticeable, when in fact, its so darn thick, they could give most men a run for their money. 

Personally, I am very into grooming. In fact, as far as I am concerned, a woman should only have hair on her head, eyebrows and lashes (and private-bits, should she choose to do so). Anywhere else, is just not attractive nor particularly hygienic. 

Before you start labelling me an anti-feminist, let me say that I am all for women's rights, and grooming oneself does not make a woman less of a feminist, nor does a thick matt of armpit hair signify that you are a spokesperson for Women's Lib. Because grooming is all about self-respect and it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, hairy legs and short skirts, just don't work, period.

I usually have my brows and upper-lip threaded weekly. I love threading because its fast, precise and leaves me looking clean and groomed, but its not exactly convenient or economical, which is why, I was so excited when BRAUN sent me their Braun Face

With 10 micro-openings for super-efficient epilation, Braun Face keeps you fuzz-free for up to four weeks. Epilation with Braun Face is also 200 times faster than manual tweezers and can remove hairs four times shorter than traditional waxing (these are not empty claims. The gadget can actually wrench out, even the teeniest hairs without the pain usually associated with tweezing). The epilator also provides a gentle experience and more precise results than alternative epilators. In seconds, it gives you smooth, hair-free skin that lasts for weeks and makes you actually look like a woman again!

Braun Face is very easy to use. Just a few swipes across your upper lip, and even the most minuscule hairs are gone, the best part, its not painful. This actually surprised me, 'cos I expected it to hurt a bit, like tweezing or threading, but for some reason, it doesn't. Its far less painful, so if  you are afraid of pain, this little beauty is for you! Just be careful when epilating your brows, because its easy to lose control, especially if its your first time using it, and you can end up losing an eyebrow. I accidentally removed a part of my brow, which did not do much for my looks, but it was totally my fault for getting a little too excited with the gadget on the first try. 

I love how beautiful and slim the epilator is. Its seriously so compact and light-weight, I can pop it into my bag and take it wherever I go. In fact, I love BRAUN, cos even my regular epilator is by them and its a gadget that I totally can't live without! I also love the fact that it comes with a detachable facial brush head, which means that when I travel, I only need to pack one gadget, which will keep me looking groomed and cleansed with little effort. 

Braun Face retails at $99 and is available in Singapore at all major electrical chain stores, departmental stores, leading hypermarkets and independent electrical stores. 

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