Tuesday, 28 April 2015

GRABCAR: Book Your Ride!

Now that you've learned a little more about GrabCar and it's benefits and convenience, let's do a walkthrough of how to make a booking. Actually it couldn't be easier: 

First of all, if you haven't already done so, you'll have to download the free GrabTaxi app onto your mobile phone. The App is available on all platforms.

After you've installed and started up the app, you simply have to enter your pick-up and drop-off locations, and then select the GrabCar service you'd like.

Once a booking is confirmed, passengers will receive their assigned driver’s details – name, mobile number, vehicle registration number and also his photo. They'll also be able to track the driver’s movements as he moves towards them.

Here's the breakdown of the GrabCar fares:
  • Based on distance, time, location and demand.Your fare will be shown on the app once you enter the pick-up point, drop-off point, and pick up time (for advanced bookings). Where applicable, surcharges apply to this fare for ERP, additional stops, and additional waiting time.
  • Additional stops are chargeable at S$5 per stop if the additional distance travelled is less than 5 km. For distances equal to 5km and above, passengers will have to create a new booking. Maximum no. of additional stops is 3.
  • Additional waiting time: S$5 per 10 mins.
  • The fare is calculated by the app according to the following formula:
  • Base Fare S$3 + S$0.70 Per KM + Advanced Booking Fee $5 (if applicable) + Surcharge
  • (if applicable) Surcharges are dependent on time, location and demand.
  • Hourly hire is available at S$35 per hour (min 2 hours). Simply key in "SG GC ECONOMY" into the drop off location and select the relevant option to book. 
As previously stated, the great thing is even if we do get caught in a jam or the driver has to take a massive detour for some reason, the fare remains fixed* once you make the booking.
(*ERP not included. Additional stops are chargeable at S$5 per stop. Additional waiting time: S$5 per 10 mins).

You can read more about the GrabCar service via http://grabtaxi.com/grabcar/.
So now, why not experience the convenience and comfort of a GrabCar ride for yourself!


As part of the launch of GrabCar (Economy), get 10 x $5 off GrabCar Economy rides from today 'til 3rd May 2015 by entering “TRYGC” into the promo code box to enjoy this great offer!


Enter “GRABLEAGUE” into the promo code from 28th April to 12th May 2015 and enjoy $8 off your first 2 GrabCar rides!

Terms and Conditions: 

“TRYGC” promo code is available for a maximum of 10 rides only
“GRABLEAGUE” promo code is available for a maximum of 2 rides only from 28th April to 12th May 2015.
These two promo codes cannot be used at the same time.
The “GRABLEAGUE” promo code is applicable to all GrabCar categories.

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