Wednesday, 3 September 2014

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Jyunka launches TWO new products!

We at LXG are huge fans of Jyunka and did a happy dance when Jyunka sent us two of their latest launches; Jyunka 5-in-1 Gel Cleanser and the JYUNKA Extreme Hydrant Serum

JYUNKA 5-in-1 Gel Cleanser goes beyond just cleansing your skin. We should know, we all got a chance to try it out!

Enriched with H complex, it maintains harmony in the skin’s hydrous equilibrium while tackling skin sensitivity, perfect for those of us with sensitive skin or post laser treatment. 

This all-rounder is pH balanced, removes all traces of makeup (hoorah no double cleansing required!) and impurities, leaving your face looking and feeling so fresh and and clean. 

Do we love it, hell yeah! 

Extreme Hydrant Serum We all know that hydration is crucial to keep skin looking and feeling youthful and healthy. Tiredness, aging and sensitivity are often magnified due to insufficient moisture. 

Environmental factors, a lousy skin care regime, aging and insufficient sleep can cause a lack of hydration in the skin. The Extreme Hydrant Serum immerses your skin in an aqueous environment and locks the moisture in the upper epidermis to ensure optimal cellular activity. 

A special Visco-Elastic Complex using high molecular weight proteins, provides gentle nourishment while forming a protective layer, tightening pores and improving skin firmness. 

The LADY@LXG is currently using this twice a day and is in love! (this is all well and good, but not letting us use more than 1 pump is just mean!)

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