Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LADY@LXG: Ultimate Collagen a dual review

Thanks to collagen, the elixir of youth...

Did you know that once we hit our mid-20s our collagen levels start to dip by about 1.5% every year? And that’s when our skin starts to lose its elasticity, and fine lines begin to rear their head. 

Fortunately for those of us past our mid 20's, it is now possible to drink our way to younger, supple and glowing skin with Ultimate Colla-gen. With its improved formulation that includes blueberry and acai extracts to provide enhanced antioxidant effects, Ultimate Colla-gen now also comes with… UV shield! 

Yes, you’ve read right, in addition to boosting the skin’s collagen production, increasing moisture levels, and fighting free radicals, you also get sun protection - all in one, single-use sachet. 

Ultimate Colla-gen Plus : A review by the LADY

I only started taking collagen recently when my facial therapist took one look at my skin (which I honestly thought was looking pretty awesome) and told me that I should seriously consider taking collagen supplements as my skin was looking quite saggy and old.

After such kind words of encouragement, I rushed to the nearest Nishino and purchased two-months supply of Collagen powder, and have been taking them ever since. Although there are many skeptics out there who say that our body can’t absorb the benefits of orally ingested collagen, I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin. Not only do my pores look less prominent, but my acne scars and skin texture have also improved, so booyah to all you nay-sayers out there!

Ultimate Colla-gen, unlike the other powder collagen brands that I have tried, doesn’t have to be mixed with fruit juice or other drinks to disguise their fishy flavour, instead, the drink is extremely light and refreshing, like a berry flavoured vitamin water.

Personally, I love the fact that the collagen comes in individual sachets. This makes it a breeze to take along when you are traveling and it also ensures that you don't go a little insane with quantities, like I tend to do. I also like the fact that it tastes really good as it is, simply dissolved in a glass of ice water.

Ultimate Colla-gen Gold : A review by Chen Chen

Raise a Glass to Younger, Glowing Skin with Ultimate Colla-gen

This is actually my first experience with collagen supplements as I am not the sort of person who can remember to religiously take a pill or drink every day. Right now, I am on Ultimate Colla-gen Gold
, which helps protect both my skin and joints, which is perfect for me as I have been in Aikido for the past few years and it can be quite taxing on the body. 

The mixture has a light and refreshing blueberry taste. But if you don’t fancy the taste of blueberry, you can try it with a smoothie, fruit juice or yoghurt drink instead. Yums! :)

The experts at Ultimate Colla-gen recommend a period of at least three-months to see results, but after just a month of taking the supplement, I’ve noticed that my skin does not feel as dry, and my zits seem to heal faster too.

There hasn’t been any significant difference in my bones and joints yet, but I’m already looking forward to do those ballerina splits soon. Fingers crossed. Would I continue taking collagen? Most likely yes, especially this brand as I like the refreshing taste and the effect it has had on my skin.

The Ultimate Colla-gen launch on the 25/2/2014 at Oca Grassa in Singapore
Ultimate Colla-gen is available in two versions – Plus and Gold. Ultimate Colla-gen Plus is great for those who want to nurture their skin, hair and nails. While Ultimate Colla-gen Gold not only helps to nurture the skin, but also protects your joints and bones and is perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

The instructions for consuming Ultimate Colla-gen are very simple - just mix a sachet with about 200ml of cold water and drink once a day (for best results do so in the morning, before food). 


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