Tuesday, 11 March 2014

LIFESTYLE@LXG: Finally, A 24hr Sunscreen!

We covered EHA Clinic's Japan-made 24hr Sunshield a while back when it was first launched in Singapore. Today, we are giving it another shout out because its got itself a brand spanking new look and plus we really love this product!

Many of the high SPF sunscreens available on the market today use chemical filters to block UVA rays, but these have been shown to only offer marginal protection. That’s because commonly used UVA filters like avobenzone and Mexoryl, break down quickly and lose effectiveness in the sun unless stabilized. This stabilization process is difficult and few companies have been able to prove that they can do it.

Therefore in the past, the best way make sure you were protected throughout the day was to reapply sunscreen often – at least once every two hours. Even if it offered the best UVA protection, it’s efficacy soon disappeared.

EHA’s Sun Shield 24hr has been proven to block both UV-A and UV-B rays by 99%, for a period of 24 hours, with just one application. Even when applied thickly to the skin, the base - which is equivalent to an SPH factor of 30 - still appears transparent – giving a natural look without the feeling of any make-up application.   

The protecting ingredient also prevents spot generation, keeping the skin cool and resistant against sunburn. Sun Shield 24hr can also be used as foundation base before make-up application. I personally use it in place of foundation or concealer. I love the fact that its subtle tint evens out my otherwise patchy complexion and leaves my skin looking matte and clean.

EHA Sunshield 24 hr is available at EHA Clinic. 1 Scotts Road. #15-01 Shaw Centre.
Singapore 228208. Tel: 6235 3325

EHA Sunshield 24HR is priced at:

30 Ml bottle $98.00
5 ML travel size tube $38.00