Tuesday, 25 February 2014

STYLE@LXG: A hairy matter

Okay girlfriends let’s be honest: Hair. If it’s not on your head, eyebrows or eyelashes – is not acceptable. Period.

Unwanted hair could ruin that perfect dress, which in turn ruins what could have been a perfect night! Nothing is more alluring than a confident woman, who knows her skin is smooth and silky.At the same time, nothing is more off putting than hair legs clad in a mini skirt --- eeek!

While there are many ways to go about removing unwanted hair, I personally prefer epilating. Shaving only removes the hairs above the skin, leaving the roots in the follicle. Waxing, while it does remove all the hairs from the roots, can get pretty expensive. 

This brings us to epilation. This tried and tested method removes the hairs from the roots and provides lasting smoothness at a fraction of the price of waxing. I can safely proclaim that this is the most value-for-money option I have yet to come across. 
Most of us keep away from epilation because it is perceived to be painful and not as effective as waxing. Girlfriends, let me tell you, this only happens to people who use cheapo epilators and lets face it, beauty comes with its own share of pain. 

I’ve put together some reasons on why epilating is the way to go for getting the best results. Thanks to the people at Braun for providing some of the information: 

·        Epilation provides lasting smoothness: With epilation, you get smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks. That’s because removing hair from the root means that hair takes longer to grow back than removal with surface methods like shaving and creams. ·  
·         Epilation is great for sensitive skin: Epilating in the bath is the new hair removal solution for modern women everywhere. It is ideally suited for sensitive skin and those new to epilating. As the tweezers on an epilation head do not pull the skin directly when removing hair, there is minimal effect on the skin.
·         Epilation helps hair grow back less noticeably: As hairs are removed at the root, hairs grow back with softer, narrower tips than hairs removed with a razor, so they feel softer and finer to the touch. Second, as hair grows back at different speeds depending on the phase of the hair growth cycle they are in, there is also less hair to be removed after the first few sessions.
·         Epilation can be more efficient than waxing: While both epilation and waxing remove hairs from the root, waxing can press hairs flat against the skin, making them harder to lift and remove.

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